Jeonju KCC’s home stadium was feared by the away team. Why did Jeonju miss KCC?

In response to the relocation of professional basketball’s former home, Jeonju KCC, the so-called “legends” who led the team in its heyday are expressing their regret.

Coach Lee Sang-min (51), who played for Jeonju KCC for more than 10 years starting in 1997 and won several championships, shared the same sentiment.

“I’m sorry for the basketball fans in Jeonju,” he said in a recent interview with the media, “I’ve been loved by them for a long time, and I’m very sad that I have to move to a new place,” he said.

“I remember winning the 2004 championship game the most. It’s been almost 20 years since then, but I still remember the parade around the city of Jeonju. I have such analog memories,” he recalled, adding, “Even though Jeonju Gymnasium was small, the passion of the fans was amazing. The fans were so passionate that the away team players were reluctant to come.”

The same goes for Ha Seung-jin, the longest-serving center for Jeonju KCC.

In his YouTube broadcast with his former Jeonju KCC teammate Jeon Tae-pung, Ha recalled a home game at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium, saying, “The gym was small, but the fans filled the gym every time and gave us a lot of passionate support, which gave us a lot of strength to play.” “The away team felt very burdened by the heat and momentum of the Jeonju crowd,” he said.

“With the disappearance of Jeonju KCC, the memories of their playing days in Jeonju will be forgotten by basketball fans at the same time,” he said.

Ha Seung-jin and Jeon Tae-pung also expressed their disappointment with Jeonju’s actions in the broadcast, saying, “Like Jeonju, Wonju and Daegu, which had poor gyms in the past, have since built new gyms one after another, but Jeonju City has failed to fulfill its promises after promising to build them several times.”카지노사이트

While there are some voices among Jeonju citizens who criticize the KCC for its relocation, saying it was “unilateral,” there is a predominant sentiment among young basketball fans who actually supported the KCC.

“I feel that Jeonju is irresponsible for losing a team that was loved by the citizens overnight,” said basketball fan Yu Mo (28), and hundreds of posts criticizing Jeonju were posted on the Jeonju City Hall website immediately after the news of KCC’s relocation broke through the media.