“Judgment that there is an adult to take care of the child”… Father’s appeal for provisional injunction for business suspension of ‘Gimpo FC U-18’

On the 11th, the interrogation date for an injunction to suspend business of the under-18 (U-18) team filed against the club by the bereaved family in connection with the extreme choice of a domestic professional football player, Gimpo FC, which occurred last year, was held.

Normally, only a legal representative attends the interrogation date and the party does not have to appear, but the father of the deceased youth player A (48) personally attended the interrogation date for the provisional injunction held at the Bucheon Branch of the Incheon District Court that afternoon.

Earlier, on March 6, the opponent of the application for injunction to suspend business is only the U-18 team where the incident occurred, and does not apply to adult teams or U-15 teams (under 15 years old) playing in the second division of professional football. .

Mr. A, who requested an opportunity to speak before the end of the interrogation that day, said, “I don’t know much about the law, but I only knew that the only thing that could legally sanction the parts that happened at Gimpo FC was the application for a temporary injunction to suspend business, so I asked a lawyer.”

Mr. A then appealed, “I ask you to make a judgment that shows that young students suffering from human rights violations and school violence in the soccer world have adults who can take care of them.” It is said that problems worse than military human rights continue to occur in the soccer world.

A’s son was found dead in front of the club’s youth team dormitory building in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province in April of last year. As a result of the analysis of the surrounding closed-circuit (CC) TV footage, it was confirmed that he made an extreme choice in the place where he lived at around 2 am on the day of the incident.

Gimpo FC dismissed the coaches who were identified as the perpetrators only last month, when it was almost a year since the incident occurred. CEO Seo Young-gil, who was criticized for delaying his dismissal, expressed his intention to resign at a press conference held on the 6th of last month, saying that he felt responsible for causing social controversy.

The bereaved family and sports civic groups demanded prompt disciplinary action, but the club was criticized for renewing contracts with the leaders in question last year without any action.

The club’s position was that it was difficult to preemptively punish because the truth was not found through investigative agencies. It is said that they tried to get the official information from the facts.

It is known that the investigation into the youth team coaches and coaches who were booked without detention for child abuse under the Child Welfare Act is still ongoing.토스카지노

The Korea Football Association, which has begun the process of disciplinary action for the leader, is expected to reach a conclusion early next month.