K-League’s new official ball ‘Oceanz’ unveiled, the most maximized performance notice

The opening of the K-League 1 is approaching in a week.

The K-League 1 kicks off on the 25th. The ‘Hyundai Family War’ between Ulsan and Jeonbuk, the ‘eternal championship rivals’, erupts from the opening game. Ulsan will take the stage as K-League champions and Jeonbuk as FA Cup winners안전놀이터. At 2 pm on this day, the 2023 K-League gunfire rings at the Ulsan World Cup Stadium.

The official ball for this season was also revealed. The Korea Professional Football Federation adopted ‘OCEAUNZ’ as the new official ball, which will be used in the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. They will play all matches, including K League 1 and K League 2, which opens on March 1st.

‘Oceanz’ is characterized by a design completed with a blue premium touch on a white pearl lustrous background color. Inspired by the unique landscape of Australia, the host country of the World Cup, the expansive Indian Ocean, as well as the huge mountain ranges of New Zealand, it was inspired by nature.

In addition, after hundreds of tests, it shows the most maximized performance among all World Cup official balls. Oceanz introduces a new ‘speed shell’ panel structure in which 20 square polyurethane pieces form a ball. Even when the ball is flying fast, it provides the highest level of accuracy and speed.

The K-League has been using Adidas equipment since 2012. Adidas officially released ‘Oceanz’ on the 25th of last month at online stores, brand centers and performance stores, and soccer specialty stores.