Kim Ha-seong, faded 4 times on base…Nadal even retired

San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong performed brilliantly in both offense and defense, but the team lost unfortunately.

Clay court king Nadal is even rumored to be retiring.

Reporter Heo Jae-won reports on overseas sports news.

Ha-seong Kim of San Diego made a sharp ball from the first at-bat in the second inning and went on base with a left-handed hit.

Kim Ha-seong picked a walk in the second at-bat in the 4th inning.

In the sixth inning, he went on base again with a hit, and then stepped home on a timely hit by the follow-up batter.

He had a perfect run in the seventh inning as well, walking on a walk and getting on base four times.

He received applause from home fans for his witty judgment in defense.

He caught a slow grounder and threw himself to tag out a runner on third base.

Despite Kim Ha-sung’s performance throughout the offense and defense, San Diego suffered an unfortunate defeat by repeating absurd plays.

[Local comment: It was a very annoying game for San Diego. There must have been 20 scoring opportunities.]

Jimmy Butler of Miami puts a wedge in the game with a 3-pointer with one minute left in the game.

With Butler, who scored 35 points, Miami, who advanced to the playoffs in 8th place in the regular league, continued to catch the first game of the Eastern Division finals.카지노사이트

‘King of the clay court’ Rafael Nadal is expected to miss the French Open at the end of this month.

As he received two surgeries due to a hip muscle rupture, he plans to deliver related news through a press conference, and the possibility of retirement is even being raised.