“Kim Ha Sung Gold Glove? That’s easy, he’s a platinum contender.” Local reviews are already saying this.

Overall, San Diego had a dismal first half, but it wasn’t without its bright spots. The team finished the first half of the season with a bit of momentum, and there were definitely some standout performances.

Ha-seong Kim (San Diego, 28)’s first half could be summarized as “struggling”. While San Diego’s flashy star hitters struggled, he stayed in his position and anchored the infield. Whereas last year he was more of a “hidden value” player, this year it feels like he’s come to the forefront of the San Diego lineup. This is evident in the cheers of the fans.

Kim has been preconceived and labeled as a player with good defense and versatility, but weak offense. It’s a label that’s hard to dispute based on his performance over the past two years since his major league debut. Kim’s wRC+ in 2021 was 30% below league average, and even though he improved a lot last year, it was only 5% above average. His offense had sagged a bit by “exceptional” standards.

But this year is different. Considering that Kim’s primary position is second base or shortstop, his production has been pretty good. In 85 games in the first half of the year, Kim hit .258 with 10 home runs, 16 doubles, and 31 RBIs, and his run production is 13% higher than his peers. As a result, his Wins Above Replacement (WAR), as calculated by FanGraphs, has already reached 3.0 in the first half of the season, which is already close to last year’s figure (3.7).

While it will be a challenge to continue this kind of performance through the end of the season, the first half of the year has seen Kim become one of the team’s top contributors. The East Village Times, a San Diego-area sports publication and podcast that collaborates with prominent journalists, also named him the “most pleasant surprise” of the first half of the year on Wednesday.

The East Village Times raved about Kim’s first half, noting, “Most expected the star players to be responsible for the production, but what they didn’t expect was the emergence of Ha-Sung Kim, who ranks fourth overall in bWAR (Baseball Reference’s aggregate WAR) at 4.1 and is tied for first in the majors in OAA (a metric that measures how many more outs a player makes than the league average, given the quality of his batted balls) at +11.

The outlet continued, “He also leads the majors in dWAR (defensive runs saved) at 2.1. He’s on pace to easily win a Gold Glove, and should even contend for a Platinum Glove.

The Platinum Glove is awarded to the “best defender” of the Gold Glove. Only one Gold Glove winner can win this honor, which is based on 75% of the votes cast by managers, coaches, and other on-field personnel, and 25% of the defensive metrics compiled by the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

Kim is already at the top of his game when it comes to defensive metrics. He ranks first among second basemen in both DRS (a measure of runs saved) and OAA. His DRS is the highest among all positions in the league. It’s not surprising that a score in the 25% range would be the highest. Add to that the fact that Kim is now labeled as a “very good defensive player. He’s also likely to be well-regarded in the field, as evidenced by his inclusion as a Gold Glove finalist last year.

As the East Village Times put it, “His bat has improved as well. He has an OPS+ of 113, and his .349 on-base percentage is second on the team. He’s even started a few games in the leadoff spot in the lineup.” “Simply put, Kim is one of the best defenders in the game and is becoming an above-average hitter. He is invaluable to this team.카지노사이트

As the outlet notes, Kim is at the top of the list of defensive metrics and is a top-producing hitter in San Diego. It’s no exaggeration to say that he was one of the team’s MVPs in the first half. If he carries this momentum into the second half of the season, he’ll be well on his way to free agency after the 2024 season.