‘Kondae Mbappe’ Choi Geon-joo “Style that Busan doesn’t have, speed is an advantage

“There is no player on the team whose playing style overlaps with mine. I will make good use of it.”

Busan I-Park recruited Choi Geon-joo from Ansan Greeners early last month. He stepped on the professional stage in Ansan in 2020, and his strengths are play using speed and the ability to break through one-on-one.

The expression of Choi Geon-joo, who moved his first enemy in his fourth year as a pro, was tinged with excitement. We met at the media camp held on the 9th at the Songdo Hotel in Busan. It was not an easy choice. He feels new, and sometimes he feels it is right for him to come. I think it’s an honor to come to a team called Busan.”

The reason why Busan recruited Choi Geon-joo is clear. ‘attack’, especially ‘goal’. Last season, Busan only scored 34 goals in 40 games. He suffered from an ‘empty ball’ where he scored less than one goal per game. It took the 메이저사이트humiliation of being the lowest among the 11 K-League 2 teams and the lowest even after expanding the scope to K-League 1. Geonjoo Choi said, “This is something I had been thinking about before coming. He heard a lot of stories that he needed to raise his attack points more than when he was in Ansan to be able to go higher and grow. In fact, he felt it even before he came to Busan. He felt strongly that he should show more here. He must do well,” he said forcefully.

During college, he was called ‘Konkuk University Mbappe’. Choi Geon-joo laughed, saying, “In a way, I can become an issue once more because of that nickname, and I am satisfied because it seems to be called in a good way.”

Last season, he played in 39 games and had a career high season with 7 goals and 3 assists and 10 offensive points. “I spent three seasons at Ansan, and had a career high season last year. It was a season I was satisfied with, but my goal is to do better than last season. Assists are important, but I want to score 10 goals once,” he said, “I want to make my name known in Busan.”

It is the first time to meet director Park Jin-seop of Busan. Choi Geon-joo, who had a relationship with the teacher, said, “I heard that Director Park is systematic and explains each and every tactic in detail. He taught me a lot about how to confuse my opponent with the ball and the timing of my movements. I can feel that he wants to use my strengths,” he added.

Adaptation is no problem. Choi Geon-joo said, “I have a shy personality, but there are many young players in Busan. There are also players who have been seen in the national team by age group. The players approached me first, and the hyungs joked around and treated me well, so I got used to it.”

He was full of confidence before his new start. Choi Geon-joo said, “My strength is speed. My goal is to show a lot of menacing sides like Dongjun hyung. I don’t think there is a player in Busan whose style overlaps with mine. If I use it well, I and the team will go in a good direction,” he said, strengthening his resolve for the new season.