Korea Real Estate Trust, KLPGA Nexen Saint Nine Masters Team Ranking ‘Winner’

The Korea Real Estate Trust golf team (Park Ji-young, Park Hyun-kyung, Jo A-yeon) has risen to the top of the KLPGA Tour Nexen Saint Nine Masters 2023 team rankings.

Cho Ah-yeon, who transferred from Dongbu Construction to Korea Land Trust this year, did her part by coming in a tie for 8th place, and Park Ji-young (joint for 12th) and Park Hyeon-kyung (joint for 25th) also ranked high, and Korea Real Estate Trust recorded 116.00 team ranking points in the tournament. and won the first team ranking championship of the season, beating second place Angang Construction by 1.33 points.

The Ankang Construction golf team (Kim Si-won, Park Bo-gyeom, Lee Chae-eun 2, Lim Jin-hee, Jeon Ye-seong, Hong Jin-young 2) also advanced to the weekend round and reached 2nd place (114.67P) in the club team rankings for the first season of the season. was named in Angang Construction ranked 8th in the team rankings at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, which was the opening game of the domestic season, and ranked 9th in the Mediheal and Hankook Ilbo Championships. 토토사이트

The third place was occupied by the Lotte Golf Team, where Lee So-young and Hwang Yu-min played an active part. In Lotte, Lee So-young tied for 14th place and Hwang Yu-min tied for 29th place, accumulating 104.50 team ranking points and beating the 4th place Cosball Golf Team (Lee Se-hee, Choi Ye-bon) by 3 points. The COSBALL Golf Team, which placed fourth, received 101.50 club ranking points.

The 5th place was taken by CJ Golf Team (Hong Jeong-min, Li Shu-ying), which belongs to Li Shu-ying (20) of Chinese nationality. Lee Shu-ing tied for 8th place, and Hong Jung-min also succeeded in passing the first cut of the season in this competition, and CJ, who added strength, recorded a team ranking point of 99.50.

Meanwhile, the Amano Golf Team (Choi Eun-woo, Kim Yeon-hee), to which Choi Eun-woo, who won the tournament, received 95 team ranking points and finished in 8th place.