Korean Air in the ‘fourth consecutive loss tunnel’ vs ‘four consecutive wins’ KB Insurance

Korean Air and KB Insurance will face off in the 5th round. The two teams will start the match at Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium at 7:00 pm on the 14th.

The home team, Korean Air, is in the lead with 19 wins, 8 losses, and 56 points, while the away team, KB Insurance, is sixth with 11 wins, 16 losses, and 32 points. It’s a match between 1st and 6th place, but the current atmosphere is a little different.

Korean Air, which runs at the top, is currently in the tunnel of four consecutive losses. On January 24th, they lost 0-3 to KB Insurance, which they faced today, and the losing streak began, and on February 2nd, they lost 1-3 to KEPCO. On the 7th, it lost 2-3 to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the lowest place, and recorded 3 losses in a row. Korean Air is trying to break the losing streak through today’s game.

Against this, KB Insurance is continuing its three-game winning streak. On January 31, Woori Card won 3-2, and on February 4, OK Financial Group was defeated 3-0. Most recently, on the 9th, after a bloody battle with KEPCO, they won 3-2 and avenged their defeat on January 27th.

KB Insurance is on a good pace with 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 games. In this flow, I will go to today’s game.

Korean Air’s slump in four consecutive losses is a situation in which several reasons are being discussed. To summarize, first of all, there are many crime rooms. Mistakes are soon to be lost. You have to be able to reduce it so you안전놀이터 can get closer to victory. You shouldn’t play too hard. They should be able to solve the game based on the plays they are good at.

In the case of serve, strong and sharp command is important, but it is necessary to increase the success rate.

Recently, in men’s volleyball, rallies are often longer. In this case, the decision-making power of a foreign player or team ace is needed. When Lincoln failed to play this role, Korean Air was counterattacked by the opponent’s ace and conceded several times. You need to think about this part. In order to take advantage of the setter’s comparative advantage, strikers must take responsibility.

KB Insurance is in a situation where the newly joined foreign player Viyena’s performance is directly related to victory. Hwang Kyung-min and Han Sung-jeong’s outside heater line is also gaining strength. When the ace’s offensive power is actively developed, the opposite wing creates a blocking and dispersing effect, making it easier to attack. We need to keep an eye on this part today.

In addition, KB Insurance has also strengthened its organizational power in a situation where Hwang Taek’s setter’s form has risen. Jung Min-soo’s steady performance as a libero is unfolding, so the atmosphere is the best of the season.

How will the match between the two teams unfold today? It seems that the primary key depends on how well Korean Air’s Kim Kyu-min and Kim Min-jae’s middle blocker line can block KB Insurance’s Viyena’s wave-like attack. Depending on this part, the direction of the game will also change.

Korean Air is desperate for victory. In order to protect the players until the end, we must exert our strength now. KB Insurance has new hopes for spring volleyball. You have to row when the water comes in. You should be able to drag your winning streak to the 5th and 6th rounds.

In that sense, attention is focused on today’s confrontation. It is the 5th round match between Korean Air, which is trying to escape its 4th consecutive loss, and KB Insurance, which is aiming for a 4th consecutive victory.