Korean-American Kim Ki-Eon Chodan ‘storms’ into final four

Semifinals of the 4th Lee Bung Bae Rookie Championships
Proven powerhouse Moon Min-jong defeats Kim Jung-hyun

(Hankook Game Baduk = Han Chang-gyu Reporter) Proven powerhouse Moon Min-jong is a 6-dan, or up-and-comer Kim Ki-eon is a super-dan. The winner of the 4th Lee Bung-bae Rookie Championship will be decided in the final match between Moon Min-jong and Kim Ki-eon.메이저사이트

A total of 64 players competed in the single-elimination tournament, with new players who joined the team after 2020 as the first target, and those who joined before 2019 in order of age.

In the semifinals, held at the Go TV studio on the afternoon of the 22nd, Moon Min-jong, 6 dan, defeated Kim Jung-hyun, 1 dan, by fire. Moon recovered from the deficit by poking his opponent’s silchak in the second half. Kim Ki-Eun was outplayed by Kwon Hyo-Jin 6th dan.

Moon Min-jong, a 20-year-old 6th dan, joined the team in 2017, but qualified due to his age. He is a strong player who has already won the 7th Hachan Seokguk Wanted Young Talent Finals in 2019, the 1st Lee Bung-bae Newcomer Finals in 2020, the 6th Miraebyul Newcomer Finals in 2021, and the 9th Hachan Seokguk Wanted Young Talent Finals. He is currently ranked 28th.

Kim Ki-eon Chodan, 15, is a newcomer who joined the team in December. He is from Jilin Province, China, and came with his family at the age of 10 to study go in better conditions than in China. He was the first Korean-born player to join the Korean National Team. He is currently ranked 201st.

Moon Min-jong and Kim Ki-eon have never played against each other. Moon Min-jong is a 6th dan who has defeated Um Dong-gun, Kim Seung-jin, Kim Seung-gu, Park Ji-hyun, and Kim Jung-hyun, and Kim Ki-eon is a 6th dan who has defeated Seo Jun-woo, Kim Da-bin, Kim Bum-seo, Kim Se-hyun, Kim Se-hyun, and Kwon Hyo-jin. The final will be held on September 18. The prize money is 10 million won for the winner and 5 million won for the runner-up.