‘Korea’s Coda Sisters’ Ko Ji-woo and Ko Ji-won, signed a contract with Wow Management

Jessica Koda, who is active on the LPGA tour, and sister golfers Koh Ji-woo (21, Samcheon-ri) and Ko Ji-won (19, Samcheon-ri), who dream of becoming Nellie Koda, are ‘golf empresses’ I eat one pot rice with Inbi Park and others.

On the 29th, WOW Management Group, a company specializing in sports marketing, announced that they had signed a management contract with Ko Ji-woo and Ko Ji-won.

Her older sister Ko Ji-woo, a former member of the National Golf Team Standing Army, made her debut on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) regular tour last year and performed well, ranking second in her birdie rate and fifth in drive distance, following Ye-won Lee (20, KB Financial Group). It came in second for the Rookie of the Year award.

He earned the nickname ‘Buddy Bomber’ for his cool long hit and aggressive play, and he also received love calls from offseason sponsors.

Ko Ji-woo’s 2-year-old younger brother, Ko Ji-won, will also debut on the KLPGA regular tour.

After joining as an associate member in April 2022, Ko Ji-won entered the Dream Tour by winning only three competitions on the Jump Tour. After that, he recorded ‘Top 10’ twice without missing the cut on the Dream Tour, and succeeded in securing a full seed at once in the KLPGA regular tour seed match last winter. 안전놀이터

Ko Ji-woo said, “I am happy to be able to play a regular tour with his brother. My goal is to lead my brother well and compete in good faith to win this season and win the title of birdie queen.”

Ko Ji-won said, “Thanks to his older sister, I think I will be able to adapt to the regular tour with a more comfortable mind, so I am happy and looking forward to it.”

Jang Sang-jin, CEO of WOW Management Group, said, “Sisters Ji-woo Ko and Ji-won Ko have strong physiques, strong tenacity and bright energy, and they are players with infinite potential for growth in the future.” I will do my best to support you,” he said.

Ko Ji-woo and Ko Ji-won will compete together at the Lotte Rental Women’s Open, the domestic opener of the KLPGA Tour, which opens on the 6th of next month.