Last-place Pepper Savings Bank appoints coach Aachen Kim, the famous college volleyball player in the US… Shall we see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Women’s professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank, which has suffered extreme sluggishness with only six wins in the two years since its 카지노사이트foundation, has appointed American college volleyball master coach Aachen Kim as its new head coach.

Aachen Kim, a Korean-American coach, is known as a training expert who led the prestigious Brown University volleyball team in the NCAA Division 1 league for six years from 2018.

Coach Kim is a leader who shows strength in individual development and detailed tactical planning that fits her player characteristics, and led Brown University to the first NCAA Tournament in history within three years of taking office.

Coach Kim, who is only 37 years old this year, is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She played volleyball during her school days.

Despite her young age, in 2021 she went 13-1 in the Ivy League and was even named Coach of the Year.

Coach Kim said, “She will officially take over as manager from next season, the 2023-2024 season, and when she enters the country early next month, she will recruit free agents and try out foreign players.

Pepper Savings Bank, which is at the bottom of the league following last year with 3 wins and 25 losses this season, will be operated by Lee Kyung-soo as acting manager until this season.