Like the actor who plays Kang Baek-ho… Kim Jin-yu practicing hustle 

Baekho Kang.

It is the Korean version of the name of the main character in the popular cartoon ‘Slam Dunk’ in the 1990s. Recently released as a movie, ‘Slam Dunk’ is creating a sensation among basketball ‘duck’, and Kang Baek-ho’s presence adds to the fun of watching.

Kang Baek-ho in the comics is a character far from basketball in the first place. He fell in love with a girl who liked basketball, but his basketball IQ BQ was close to zero when he entered the high school basketball team. He is a fantasy figure who eventually opens his eyes to basketball as he gains confidence through his innate athleticism and hustle play after only a few accidents.

The domestic professional basketball player who comes to mind when you think of Kang Baek-ho in the cartoon is Kim Jin-yu (29) of Carrot. She is a rare fighter-type guard who enjoys ruthless physical fights and hustle play. Kang Baek-ho in his ‘newbie’ days is immediately reminiscent. He is also the same height (188cm).

Until last season, Kim Jin-yu, who was a ‘sixth man’ who replaced the main players when they were resting and played for an average of 5 to 10 minutes per game, has no record to put forward. He is a professional basketball player by name, but he has also heard many harsh evaluations from experts and leaders as ‘a player who is far from BQ’. Still, he said, “Thanks to his parents who gave him a strong body, he has not given up on basketball and has been doing it.”

A life reversal happened to him in the 2022-2023 professional basketball season.

As of the 6th, it is amazing to have been on the court for 19 minutes and 45 seconds per game in 27 games. It is the available time of the main power supply. It’s the first time I’ve run like this since Konkuk University. He has a chronic bad back and sore knees, but he is constantly throwing his body at opponents and on the floor like ‘fish in water’. When his teammates’ shots are not successful, he actively jumps under the goal and participates in offensive rebounds. He is showing his tenacity even in ball competition situations and defense of the opponent’s main scorer.
● Seonggon Moon’s Hustle AvatarJinyu Kim is averaging 3.0 points, 4.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game this season. It is not her outstanding record, but experts find value in comparison with KGC Moon Seong-gon (30 195cm). Moon Seong-gon is a pronoun for the professional basketball ‘Hustle’ forward who received the KBL (Korean Basketball League)’s first best defense award for three consecutive seasons. He is called ‘Moon Gil-dong’ because he is excellent at attacking and rebounding anywhere on the court and is excellent at defending with a leech. He will become a free agent (FA) next season, and most teams are coveting him.

Kim Jin-yu grabbed 4.4 rebounds while defending the opponent’s ace in the guard position. It is similar to Moon Seong-gon (5.0). Rather, offensive rebounds are 1.8 per game, more than Moon Seong-gon (1.7). With Kim Jin-yu’s move, the team was able to increase the number of secondary attacks and appropriately delay the opponent’s counterattack.

The GD (good defense) value is also 0.4 (2nd overall), ahead of Moon Seong-gon (0.3). In the system of manager Kim Seung-gi, who raised Moon Seong-gon until last season and took over as Carrot, Kim Jin-yu works like ‘Moon Seong-gon avatar’. Kim Jin-yu said, “I’m not conscious of that part, but I think I’m going to die with the thought of repaying the coach who is considerate of my playing time, and the record seems to follow.”

The power of Korea’s best 3-point shooter, ‘Ace’ Jeon Seong-hyeon, has been doubled compared to before with ‘Kim Jin-yu Matching’. He made 177 three-pointers in 54 games last season, and has already made 150 three-pointers in 39 games this season. For the first time in professional basketball history, he is aiming to break the 200 3-point shot mark in one season.

Kim Jin-yu’s combative help, which offsets the intensity of the pressure by primarily clashing with the opponent’s dedicated defenders who block Jeon Seong-hyun, played a large role. Jeon Seong-Hyun received Moon Seong-Gon’s support fire properly at KGC last season.

In a situation where Jeon Seong-hyeon was focused on defense, Kim Jin-yu’s use of aiming for a surprise attack also put a lot of pressure on the opponent. When Kim Jin-yu plays with Jeon Seong-hyeon, both the 3-point shot line and the shot success rate under the goal are above average.

Jeon Seong-hyun is a senior best friend who ate rice together at managing director, so I expect more synergy effects. Kim Jin-yu said, “When hyung throws a shot, I feel whether it will go in or not. When he plays, he gives a lot of advice. It was Seong Hyun-hyung who fixed the shortcoming of hesitating when shooting,” he said.

Kim Jin-yu’s outstanding contribution to the team can also be confirmed by indicators related to airlift efficiency. Jinyu Kim’s ‘Offensive Rating (OFFRTG)’ is 166.4. He is second among players with 20 or more appearances this season. It is ahead of KCC Laguna (147.0), Hyundai Mobis Ham Ji-hoon (145.5), and LG Asem Marey (140.8), the main scorers of each team.

‘Offensive Rating’ is the expected score in 100 offensive opportunities. It means that you can expect about 166 points when Kim Jin-yu plays. The main scorers of each team have a high number of attacks and average points, but they also have a lot of errors, so the expected points are not clearly high. Even taking this into account, it is a tremendous attack efficiency. Kim Jin-yu’s ‘Defensive Rating’ (expected goals conceded in 100 defense 메이저사이트opportunities) is 110.1. The margin (Net Rating, expected score-expected goal conceded), which shows the balance between offensive and defensive contributions, is +56.3, which is also second in the league.
● Repeat hustle even during practice… wake up neglected bq“During practice, Jinyu often forgot the attack pattern and defense rotation, so we practiced a lot separately. When she does, she neatly admits her wrongdoing by saying ‘I’m sorry’ out loud. I remember that everyone laughed because I expressed it so sincerely even in a serious situation.”

Former Orion coach Kim Byeong-cheol (Carrot’s predecessor), who coached Kim Jin-yu until last season, found the reason Kim Jin-yu was given a chance in her mentality and attitude in practice. Even now within her team, Jin-yu Kim throws her body at every practice process to the extent that her fellow players avoid approaching her when she comes to practice. Even in the practice of matching the flow of karate and defense patterns the day before the match, she causes her teammates to make mistakes and struggles hard to get out of her way. This is because she believes that in practice she must use 110 to 120 percent of her strength in order to be able to use 100 percent power in real combat.

‘Practice is a continuation of actual combat’. She said that Kim Jin-yu was the trigger that she had awakened to her formal practice on her own. In 2017, Orion players invited former U.S. basketball team coach Tyrone Ellis to receive skill training during the off-season. Former coach Ellis emphasized that “to be the best player, you have to be the best actor” and that “players’ movements must have a clear purpose.” Kim Jin-yu said, “I regretted not being able to understand the importance of her teachings and focusing on her practice, probably because I was young at the time.”

Coach Kim saw through to the fact that Kim Jin-yu’s concentration and know-how on hustles could be useful in real battles. Coach Kim said, “It seems like they just run after the ball, but it wasn’t. He became Superman after giving him enough playing time. He orders ‘do this’ and he solves it somehow. He expressed his satisfaction, saying, “My air quality is not normal.

● “In the past and in the future, I am Kang Baek-ho”“After the coach came to the team, he said, ‘Do what you can do with confidence’. And he made use of his strengths and covered all his flaws.”

While gaining momentum, he is determined to erase the regrets of BQ in the past with hustle. Kim Jin-yu said, “When I was in my first and second year of college, I shaved all of his hair, and a fan called me ‘Kangkuk University Kang Baek-ho’. Kang Baek-ho is really a ‘steamed fan’. Baekho Kang likes basketball. I plan to continue pushing with this style.”

On January 21st, when he set the record for his first double-double (against KGC, 12 points -17 rebounds) in his professional debut, I decided to make it my ‘Kim Jin-yu Day’ and repeat it whenever there was a sign of a slump.

“I will keep the record of that day as an heirloom. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a manager smile so brightly after winning against KGC and even showmanship to the fans. We need to make them laugh the same way many times in the future.”

Kim Jin-yu’s desperate hustle basketball, which was regrettable for only one second of playing time, is sending a calm message to professional players and prospects who are only relying on splendid and good-looking individual skills. It is also changing the criteria for looking at players who can be optimized for team basketball and the criteria for finding them. Kim Jin-yu is still throwing herself, saying, “I’m just helping my colleagues.”