“Lotte is unusual” coach Subero took a picture, the team predicted for the round of 5… “Oh, I forgot an important team. I’m sorry” 

 Head coach Subero Hanwha is in his 3rd season in the KBO League.

Hanwha, which ranked at the bottom for two consecutive years, recruited three free agents (Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-yang, and Oh Seon-jin메이저사이트) this year. It is evaluated that the power has improved compared to last year. The lowest-ranking escape is an urgent task, and the mid-ranking is looking forward.

I asked coach Subero, whom I met at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, to ‘pick a team that is expected to make the top 5 this season, excluding Hanwha.’

Coach Subero said “LG” first. The second mentioned “SSG”. He said, “KT is always good. His pitching power is good,” said KT.

Then, as he licked his lips, he pondered. Coach Subero reflected, “Well, let’s see, Doosan and NC had difficulties last year.”

He said, “Lotte, Lotte got better. But Lotte is an unusual team. It starts off quickly and goes down quickly,” he pinched. Head coach Subero, who is in his third season in the KBO League, knew ‘Bomde’ (Lotte who is good at spring) with his experience of the past two years. Continuing, “Lotte has a good hit. the team got better I miss (retired) Lee Dae-ho and want to see him.”

Coach Subero picked Samsung as one of the top 5 expected teams. Director Subero said, “Samsung is good. Pirella, Buchanan, and Suarez are doing well. In domestic players, first baseman, catcher, and corner outfielder are good. It’s a good team. I will pick Samsung (as the top 5),” he said.

Then he laughed and said, “Hanwha has to fight them (the team predicted for the round of 5).” He continued, “Doosan, NC, and Lotte are also competitive teams. I wonder if it will be a year when all teams are evenly matched,” he said, then suddenly shouted, “Oh my God.”

Director Subero said, “I forgot about Kiwoom. To take away this kind of growth. Kiwoom is also a top 5,” he said with strength. As a result, LG, SSG, KT, Kiwoom, and Samsung were expected to make the top 5 teams.

Director Subero did not mention only KIA among the nine clubs. When the reporters told us that at the end of the interview, coach Subero said, “The Tigers are good too. Please use all nine teams except for Hanwha,” and left with a smile.