‘Magic Number 4’ Woori Bank, the goal is not to win the regular season

Woori Bank’s goal is to win the championship game beyond the regular season.

Asan Woori Bank met Bucheon HanawonQ in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 26th and won 74-61.

Woori Bank recruited Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F) to win this offseason. And the effect was enormous. Woori Bank met Busan BNK from the opening game and won by 25 points. The second game of the season was also won by 18 points. After that, he won the third match and recorded 3 consecutive wins since the opening. Although they lost 74-85 to Samsung Life in Yongin, the fourth game of the season, Woori Bank’s solo run began after that.

They won all their remaining games in the first half and recorded a 13-game winning streak. Woori Bank recorded 16 wins and 1 loss in the first half.

There was also a crisis. Park Hye-jin (179cm, G) and Choi Lee-sam (181cm, F) decided from the first game of the second half. However, despite the absence of key players, Woori Bank continued its winning streak. Thanks to the players’ even performances, they succeeded in winning 14 consecutive games. Although the winning streak ended in the next match against Incheon Shinhan Bank, the gap with other teams has already widened. The difference between the 2nd place Busan BNK and the game went up to 6 games.

Then Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Lee said, “From now on, I want to decide the regular season by working closely. We have to find out how many games it will be, but I think it would be better if we finished quickly.”

He continued, “Then (Roh) Hyun-ji or other players will be able to be used more. It’s burdensome for me and myself to have them run now. But it’s different if you quickly decide on the regular season and run. To prepare for the playoffs, we also need a local role,” he explained why he wanted to win the regular season quickly.

Woori Bank’s opponent, who played the 20th game of the season, was the weakest Hana One Q. Although Lee Sam Choi was absent, Woori Bank recorded 18 wins this season. With this, the difference between BNK and BNK was widened to 6.5 games. The magic number until victory has been reduced to 4.

Woori Bank gave the flow to the opponent in the first quarter. Giving 25 points to the opponent was too much. Danbi Kim struggled in the attack, but finished the first quarter with 20-25. However, in the second quarter, Kim Dan-bi made a successive three-point shot and changed the atmosphere. In addition, he added another free throw and three-point shot, scoring 11 points in a row alone. As a result, Woori Bank succeeded in reversing. Afterwards, Go Ara (180cm, F) and Park Hye-jin’s additional points widened the score gap.

At the beginning of the third quarter, he could not control the opponent’s attack and allowed another chase. Shin Ji-hyeon (174cm, G) allowed 10 points. However, Danbi Kim, Hyejin Park, and Jihyeon Park (183cm, G) broke the opponent’s flow by scoring. In addition, Kim Dan-bi’s 3-point shot widened the score gap to double digits. He conceded a point to Yang In-young (184cm, C), but finished the third quarter with a score of 59-51. 메이저사이트

Later, Park Ji-hyeon, Kim Dan-bi, and Kim Jung-eun (179cm, F) widened the score gap, and after that, Woori Bank won the game with players scoring evenly.

Although he won, Wie was not satisfied with his performance. In an interview after the game, coach Wi said, “A game like this should be criticized,” and “Now there are 10 games left in the regular season. I may be arrogant, but I think if I focus more, I can win. And with the remaining time, I have to get better little by little.”

Park Hye-jin, who was selected as the best player, also said, “Rather than discussing the magic number, there are too many things to improve when looking at today’s performance. You should not be satisfied here. Winning the regular league is not the goal. There are bigger games left, so I think we need to improve our performance to the best.” It was an interview that showed that Woori Bank’s goal was not to win the regular season.

Woori Bank’s next opponent is Shinhan Bank, which provided the season’s second loss. Attention is focusing on whether Woori Bank will be able to take a step closer to winning the regular season by taking revenge against Shinhan Bank, and whether it will be able to show improved performance.