Man Utd’s 100 million euro man’s great humiliation, even GK recorded no help!

 It is the humiliation of Manchester United’s 100 million euro man.

Anthony joined Manchester United from Ajax in the summer transfer window this season. The transfer fee is a whopping 100 million euros (approximately 130 billion won).

There was an active love call from director Eric ten Haag. I had worked with Anthony at Ajax, and I wanted to repeat it at Manchester United.

Anthony’s impact in the Manchester United uniform was intense. In his debut match against Arsenal, he made a mark with his flashy movements and sensible footwork, and he performed his best performance as he started scoring. 메이저사이트

However, there has been no flash of light since. He deserves to be in charge of Manchester United’s attack, but he frequently keeps his head down.

It was pointed out that Anthony has excellent skills, but is predictable and has no connection with the players around him.

Anthony did not escape humiliation in his writings either.

The football statistics site ‘livescore’ reported a funny situation, saying, “Both Ederson and Alisson recorded more assists than Anthony this season.”

Anthony has scored three goals in the league this season, but no assists. Manchester City and Liverpool goalkeepers Ederson and Alisson have one.

It is the humiliation of the 100-million-euro Manchester United man who lags behind the goalkeeper in attack points.