Margin of victory -14→+8 Miraculous journey, destroyed even Pedi… KT beat NC, 8th consecutive winning series ‘3rd place Mercury’

 KT achieved 8 consecutive winning series by defeating Eric Peddy, the best ace in the KBO.

KT Wiz won 4-0 in the 15th game of the season against the NC Dinos of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 13th. 

KT maintained its 3rd place with 2 consecutive wins and 3 weekend games in a winning series. Season 53 wins, 2 draws, 45 losses. From the 11th to the 13th of last month, before Gocheok Kiwoom, he succeeded in a whopping 8 consecutive winning series. On the other hand, 4th place NC, which suffered two consecutive losses, had 50 wins, 1 draw and 46 losses. 

Home Team KT: Kim Min-hyeok (right fielder) – Lee Ho-yeon (2nd baseman) – Hwang Jae-gyun (3rd baseman) – Jang Seong-woo (catcher) – Anthony Alford (left fielder) – Moon Sang-cheol (designated hitter) – Oh Yun-seok (1st baseman) – Kim Sang-soo (shortstop) – Assignment The starting lineup was set up in the order of large (center fielder). 4th hitter Park Byeong-ho was excluded from the selection due to calf injury management. 

In response, NC Son Ah-seop (right fielder) – Park Min-woo (2nd baseman) – Park Kun-woo (designated hitter) – Jason Martin (left fielder) – Kim Seong-wook (center fielder) – Yoon Hyung-jun (1st baseman) – Do Tae-hoon (3rd baseman) – Kim Joo-won (shortstop) – Park Se-hyeok (catcher) confronted in order. 

KT, who overcame the crisis with two bases loaded at the beginning of the second inning, took the lead at the end of the second inning. After one out, Alford reached second base through first base due to right fielder Son Ah-seop’s catch error following a right-handed hit. Follow-up Moon Sang-cheol withdrew with a looking strikeout, but Oh Yoon-seok broke the balance of 0 with 1 RBI and 2 bases. It was a valuable first step against Eric Peddy, the NC ace and the strongest ace in the league. 

In the fourth inning, Alford, who appeared in the lead, widened the gap with a solo home run. In the 3B-2S full count, he hit Pedi’s 8th pitch, the highest two-seam (152km), and achieved a double-digit home run for the second year in a row. It was the 10th gun that came out in 12 games after the game against Changwon NC on July 29th. Pedi’s eighth home run of the season. 

KT did not stop. After one out in the 5th inning, Lee Ho-yeon and Hwang Jae-kyun scored consecutive hits, and right fielder Son Ah-seop’s catch error occurred when Hwang Jae-gyun hit, and Lee Ho-yeon, runner on first base, passed second base and reached third base. Then Seong-Woo Jang hit a sacrifice fly to Pedi’s first pitch. It was an RBI that drove the wedge in the game.

In the 7th inning, KT had a chance to safely load the bases with the leader Bae Jeong-dae, Kim Min-hyeok’s consecutive hits, and pinch hitter Park Byeong-ho’s walk. While Hwang Jae-gyun, the follow-up, withdrew due to a double stroke, the third base runner, Bae Jeong-dae, stepped on the home and widened the gap. 

KT selection exclusion took the 6th win (6th loss) of the season with a quality start with 6 innings, 1 hit, 7 walks, 2 strikeouts and no runs. Next, Son Dong-hyun, Park Young-hyun, and Kim Jae-yoon took responsibility. On the other line, Alford and Oh Yoon-seok led the attack with multi-hits.

On the other hand, NC starter Peddie suffered his 4th loss (15 wins) of the season with 6 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 6 strikeouts and 3 runs (1 earned) in 5 innings. Son A-seop went 3 on base with a multi-hit and a walk, but two catcher errors in defense left regret. 메이저사이트

KT will play three consecutive matches against Doosan in Jamsil from the 15th after a day off. NC welcomes Hanwha at home.