McIlroy, was it shocking to be eliminated from the ‘Masters Cut’… Also, no participation in the competition

Rory McIlroy (34, Northern Ireland, photo), unable to escape from the shock of dropping out of the Masters Cut, is in a position to fall into an ‘unlikable player’ overnight. This is because his fellow players continue to criticize him for ‘unauthorized participation’ in the RBC Heritage, a ‘special tournament’ on the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour.

In an interview with Golf Digest, an American golf magazine, on the 17th (Korean time), where RBC Heritage was held, Zander Shopley (30, USA), 5th in the world men’s golf ranking, said, “If we ignore this issue, the sponsoring company that hosts the tournament will become a player in the future. “There are things that worry about people not attending,” he said. “To raise the viewership of the tournament and to get companies to offer large prize money, a top player (like McIlroy) must participate.”

McIlroy, who disappeared after Kurt was eliminated from the Masters last week, suddenly announced his absence from RBC Heritage, which he had promised to participate in. This tournament is one of the 17 ‘special events’ designated by the PGA Tour that PGA Tour players must participate in to receive the Player Impact Index Program (PIP). A player can only miss one special event without a valid reason, and McIlroy has not participated in the Sentry Tournament of Champions in January without giving any other reason. Criticism is getting stronger because he claimed to be the ‘protector’ of the PGA Tour while opposing LIV Golf, which has Saudi Arabia’s capital on its back. 카지노사이트

With this kind of McIlroy, there are voices saying that he should be fined 3 million dollars as well as losing his eligibility for PIP bonuses. McIlroy’s old friend Rickie Fowler (35, USA) also said, “We need to discuss this issue through a transparent process.” Joel Damon (36, USA) also said, “McIlroy took the lead in changing the PGA Tour (designation of special tournaments, etc.)” and “However, rules are rules.”

In the midst of this, McIlroy’s former manager, Chubby Chandler, came forward claiming that McIlroy was putting too much weight on the Masters. McIlroy leaves only the Masters in the ‘Career Grand Slam’ that conquers all four major tournaments. In a recent interview with the American media, Chandler said, “McIlroy is obsessed with winning the Grand Slam more than any other championship, and he is putting a lot of pressure on himself.” Because of this, I would never bet on McIlroy winning the Masters.” That is why the aftermath of the shock of dropping out of the Masters Cut led to the absence of RBC Heritage.