Memories of WWE Star ‘Tajiri’ in Korea… On the 20th, a match against Cho Kyung-ho at PWS

 Tajiri, a legendary professional wrestler who played an active part in the WWE, is coming to Korea.

On the 20th, at 3:00 pm at the Sangsang Hall Gymnasium of Hansung University, in the semi-main event of the ‘Pro Wrestling Society (PWS) Phoenix Rise’, he will face Korea’s best wrestler Jo Gyeong-ho in a single match.

Born in 1970, Tajiri is a 52-year-old veteran wrestler who is celebrating his 29th year of debut this year. He is known for his ‘poison dance’ technique, which emits green paint.

In 1998, he joined ECW, then a third-tier organization led by Paul Heyman, and won several titles, including the ECW World TV Championship and the ECW World Tag Team Championship.

In May 2001, he was scouted by WWE (then WWF) and spent his prime winning the lightweight championship, cruiserweight championship, and tag team championship, and returned to Japan in 2005. He has been active in several groups, including All Japan, New Japan, HUSTLE, WRESTLE-1, and SMASH.

In the 2010s, he made one-off appearances in WWE and TNA, revealing his continued presence. In January of this year, he joined Kyushu Pro Wrestling, an independent group based in Kyushu, Japan. He is over 50 years old, but the passion remains.

Opponent Jo Kyung-ho is currently a commentator for WWE-RAW, which is being aired on cable TV’s IB Sports channel. With a career of many titles, he is a wrestler with a flashy style who has been the PWS Champion (3 times in total) and PWS Tag Team Champion (2 times in total) since his debut in 2010.

The main event is the PWS Championship match, where PWS champion Shiho defends against challenger Jin Gaeseong in a ‘TLC match’ using tables, ladders, and chairs.먹튀검증

These two have been ‘dog friends’ for 8 years since the previous group (PLA). The beginning of the conflict was an incident in which Jin Gae-seong broke into Shiho’s long-haired game at the 2015 PLA Incheon Ara Waterway Tournament and cut off Shiho’s hair with scissors.

Recently, Jin Gae-seong stole Shiho’s PWS championship belt and ran away. Jin Gae-sung provoked Shiho, saying, “If you want to get the championship belt back, beat yourself.”

In this tournament, WWA Far East heavyweight champion Kim Min-ho participates as a guest and conducts an ‘open challenge’ in which he faces an unspecified random opponent.

America’s masked wrestler American Eagle and tall French wrestler Andre Cartier battle each other over their masks and hair. It is a unique match with the condition that if American Eagle loses, he will forever take off his mask, which he values ​​more than his life, and if Andre Cartier loses, he will have his hair shaved off and his coat burned.

The showdown between Gustaf and Omerta, who are returning to the ring after three years, and Seraphim and Akira Gonzalez from Australia are prepared. Ryota Chikuzen, president of Kyushu Pro Wrestling, will compete in the match as a substitute for Japan’s Sora Ishun due to injury.

PWS is an organization founded in 2018 by third-generation professional wrestler Shiho. In the past 5 years, numerous events have been held and many outstanding matches have been left behind. In particular, in September of last year, Joy Janela, the top star of the American indie professional wrestling world, was invited to show off a bloody ‘hardcore’ match with Cho Gyeong-ho.