Mickelson “I haven’t seen a negative fan of LIV”

In a media interview, he is recovering from his former skills after undergoing

intense training for the LIV series . “I plan to participate in a total of 19 tournaments this year.” is a player However, ahead of the launch of the LIV Golf Invitational Series in February of last year, he blatantly supported the LIV series, saying, “The PGA Tour is greedy,” and drew fierce criticism from colleagues. When sponsors were also notified of the termination of the contract, he stopped participating in the tournament, saying, “I will self-restraint,” but in the end, he abandoned the PGA Tour after receiving an invitation fee of 30 million dollars (approximately 36.9 billion won). ‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (48, USA) was offered a whopping $1 billion (approximately 1.23 trillion won), half of his personal fortune, in return for joining the LIV series, but it is in contrast to supporting the PGA Tour.

After moving to the LIV series last year, Mickelson, who took part in seven competitions but lost face by not being in the top 10 even once, came back to defend the LIV series. In an interview with Sports Illustrated on the 31st, he announced the current situation and said, “I haven’t seen a single fan who is negative about LIV golf.” I didn’t feel any hostility,” he said. He continued, “I am still close with the PGA Tour players I was close to. I am very grateful to them,” he added, adding, “I will not reveal who they are.”

Mickelson, who has recently been regaining his former skills through strong training, said, “I lost more than 9kg and became young again. I am in the best shape for a player my age. There is no pain, he has become more flexible and faster,” he said. He continued, “I will go to all four major tournaments over the next three years. Only winning major tournaments has meaning in my life.” Players from the LIV Series are banned from participating in the PGA Tour, but they can participate in major tournaments.

The LIV series was launched in June of last year with capital from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. At the time, Saudi Arabia was being criticized by the international community as it was revealed that it brutally murdered anti-government journalist Jamal Khashoggi and oppressed the human rights of women and sexual minorities. As a result, most of Woods and Rory McIlroy (34, Northern Ireland) hoped to remain in the PGA, but Mickelson, Dustin Johnson (42, USA), who was ranked No. Some star players, such as ‘hunter’ Brooks Koepka (333, USA), chose the LIV series. 스포츠토토