“My words are harsh… ” BNK’s sorrow deepened after losing Kim Han-byeol

The center of the team was lost in the yard driven to the edge of the cliff.

Women’s professional basketball BNK lost 67-84 in the second leg of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Championship (Best of 5) against Woori Bank held at 7:00 pm on the 23rd at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium. 카지노사이트

BNK, who fell into two consecutive losses, now has to end the season as it is after losing just one game. We have to go home and aim for a turnaround in the 3rd game on the 23rd.

The big bad news that came out in the second quarter on this day was decisive. With about two minutes left in the first half, Kim Han-byeol, a key member of the team, was injured. While holding an offensive rebound and competing for the ball, he tripped on Kim Dan-bi’s foot and sprained his left ankle. After collapsing, complaining of his pain, he eventually left the court and never returned.

BNK, which played a tight seesaw game until Kim Han-byeol left, crashed after that. Woori Bank widened the score gap by bombing the loosened BNK goal. That’s how BNK collapsed.

Coach Park Jeong-eun, who finished the game, said, “I took the flow well in the beginning, but then collapsed due to an injury. He took a lot of rotation to avoid mismatches, so he exhausted his stamina a lot,” he expressed regret. He added, “There was a difference in damage between experiencing this in the regular season and experiencing it in the championship game.”

Regarding Kim Han-byul’s condition, “I haven’t seen the injury scene yet, but he said he was seriously injured. So he didn’t commit. I guess I’ll have to check the details.” Driven into a corner, BNK is in danger of having to play at the brink of a brink without the team’s main beam.

Coach Park continued, “We have to think carefully about the last two games and use what the players are good at. I mainly took the rotation to overcome the height difference, but I think I need to think about other methods,” he said. I hope he will do well in the third game,” he said.

Now, BNK must challenge the 0% probability. There has never been a team in history that has given up both the first and second games and achieved a come-from-behind victory. 

Coach Park said, “I came this far because the players worked hard, but I have a sense of responsibility as much as I play in the championship game. We have to show a match worthy of the championship. I was very tired in Asan, but I hope to go back to Busan and cheer for the home fans.” I will aim for a twist in Busan,” he said, burning his will.