‘No double jeopardy’→Released a week after batting assault…why? The downfall of a ’25-year-old + 1 draft pick’ prospect

“Simple assault and battery, even with a bat, is a different offense.”

Kim is 25 years old. He had completed his military service in the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Commerce) and was ready to challenge for the first team. However, he lost his temper in the heat of the moment and ended up strangling himself.메이저사이트

The SSG Landers announced the pitcher’s dismissal (release) on the 13th. They had discussed the matter with their own disciplinary committee the day before and requested a waiver from the KBO on the 13th.

Team meetings are a common occurrence in professional sports, and sometimes harsh words are exchanged. It can even lead to a fight or a brawl.

But “assault” is a different story. Lee Won-jun is a baseball player by profession, but he assaulted a junior with a baseball tool (a bat). Legally, this constitutes ‘special assault’. This is why the SSG team quickly decided to ban him.

Especially since the situation was a “downward spiral,” it was inevitable to criticize the culture of Korean sports clubs, which is reminiscent of the military. Earlier, infielder A called out junior infielder B for his “cocky” attitude, which led to pitcher C hitting B in the butt with his bat twice. Pitcher C is Lee Won-jun. This was followed by a series of other “over you, under me” taunts.

Upon hearing the news, SSG quickly filed a report with the KBO’s Clean Baseball Center. SSG had previously faced an assault controversy in 2020 in their second team squad. The team changed its rules to a one-strike rule to prevent recurrence. However, despite these efforts, another assault occurred three years later.

Lee Won-jun was drafted by SK in 2017 as a first-round pick. His career record in the first team is just 3-3 with an 11.72 ERA in 22 games, but he was at a turning point in his life after completing his military service last year. However, his baseball life was marred by ‘assault’.

On this day, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung also bowed his head again. “Something happened that shouldn’t have happened. From my point of view, I can only say I’m sorry. (It’s the club’s decision to release Lee Won-jun. We are on the same page, and we will do our best to prevent it from happening again.”

The KBO prohibits double punishment within a club. However, an SSG representative said, “Fines, suspensions, volunteer work, and suspension of participation are disciplinary measures imposed by the KBO. There is nothing the club can do now.” “Releasing him is not a disciplinary action. It is a procedure to release Lee Won-jun so that any team can sign him,” he explained.

“When we changed our rules to one-strikeout three years ago, we specified ‘different punishments depending on the severity of the offense’. There should be a difference between hazing and assault, and a player with a bat, and we see it as a serious matter.” The SSG made it clear that it would wait for the KBO to decide on the punishment for the other two players involved.