No matter how nationally… Head-to-head match with KBO 236 home run veteran was reckless

It was a reckless head-to-head match.

Lotte missed out on the victory they had captured. Lotte lost 8-12 in the match against LG in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 12th.

Even up to the 8th episode, it was a happy time. At the end of the 8th inning, Koh Seung-min’s superiority reversed 3-run home run, and Lotte reversed the score to 7-5, putting finishing pitcher Kim Won-joong on the mound in the top of the 9th inning. It was a natural procedure.

Kim Won-joong, an indispensable member of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team bullpen pitching team, stepped on the mound to earn his third save of the season, but for some reason, it creaked from the start.

Lead batter Song Chan-eui induced a strikeout with a 135km forkball, but Hong Chang-ki went unfavorably with a ball count of 3B and 1S, and eventually got hit by a triple in the middle right. This was the beginning of the tragedy. Moon Sung-joo used a forkball as the deciding ball, but the result was a timely hit in front of the center fielder. Kim Won-joong was driven to the corner one step at a time, and the crisis escalated when Moon Seong-joo’s runner Shin Min-jae stole second base.

Kim Hyun-soo was at bat. Kim Hyun-soo is a veteran hitter who has gone through a series of pre-natal battles. From Lotte’s point of view, the ball count was also unfavorable at 3B and 1S, and Shin Min-jae’s steal of second base left the first base empty, so there was no reason to play head-to-head with Kim Hyun-soo. 토스카지노

However, Lotte’s choice missed expectations. Kim Won-joong played a full count match with a 145km fastball, but rather, this helped Kim Hyun-soo increase his concentration. Kim Won-jung, who used the 132km forkball as the deciding ball, had no choice but to look at Kim Hyun-soo’s batted ball. The two-run gun that went over the right wall exploded. Kim Hyun-soo’s first home run of the season and his 236th home run in the KBO league. So Lotte allowed a 7-8 comeback, and only after Kim Won-joong got a heavy hit from Austin Dean did he move off the bench.

It was after the flow had already passed to LG. Lotte put in Lee Tae-yeon and Choi Young-hwan, but it was not enough to block LG’s other line, which was heating up as soon as it was hot. Seo Geon-chang’s right-handed double and Song Chan-eui’s left-middle double that came out of the bases loaded crisis made Lotte a knockdown.

Of course, it can be the result. For Lotte, collecting runners itself may have come as a burden. In a situation where they were leading by only one point, the first base was empty and the ball count was unfavorable with 3B 1S. Nevertheless, Lotte went head-to-head with Kim Hyun-soo. Wouldn’t it be a reckless head-on match?