Oakland fans say “enough is enough” as ‘day of action’ approaches

Major League Baseball (MLB) Oakland fans are organizing a day of action. They want to make their voices heard against an owner who has shown no love for their team and has virtually ignored them. Usually, fans show their displeasure by boycotting games, but the Oakland fans are doing something different. They plan to fill the stadium as much as possible to build pressure. It’s called a “reverse boycott.

Founded in 1901, the Oakland A’s are an MLB staple. With nine World Series titles, the A’s are behind only the New York Yankees (27) and St. Louis (11). But owner John Fisher has been stingy with investments. Oakland’s stadium is notoriously one of the most run-down facilities in the league. Recently, broadcast crews complained about the stench of rat feces in the dugout. Recently, Fisher has been preparing to move the team to Las Vegas, Nevada.메이저사이트

Oakland fans are against the move. They say it’s best for Fisher to sell the team. Fans have scheduled a “day of action” for the 13th, a home game against Tampa Bay. They’re encouraging as many people as possible to attend the game. The first 7,000 fans in attendance will receive a green t-shirt symbolizing Oakland. The t-shirts will have the word “SELL” written on them. Longtime Auckland fan Stu Clary announced the plan on social media in April. He raised $35,000 from around the country.

Don Pfeiffer, who has supported the A’s since the early 2000s, told the Associated Press, “You can’t underestimate Oakland fans. We are an incredibly loyal and passionate group of fans.” “We will fight to the end to keep the team in Oakland. There is no giving up.”

The A’s have a terrible record to date, with an 18-50 record and a .265 winning percentage. However, they have turned things around recently with a six-game winning streak. They even beat Tampa Bay on Dec. 12, which has the best winning percentage in the league (0.696).