Oh Jae-won resigns as commentator after similar controversy over “making players stupid with commentary”

SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won (38), who drew controversy for his biased commentary, such as concluding that a pitcher threw an empty ball during a live broadcast of a professional baseball game, will step down from his position.바카라사이트

On the 26th, Oh posted on his social media, “I don’t think I can be a burden to SPOTV anymore, so I requested to terminate my contract myself, and it was decided. Thank you for everything.” He continued, “I think I’m in a situation where I can tell all the behind-the-scenes (stories) now. Everything has restarted,” he said.

Oh, who had previously publicly criticized “Korean Express” Park Chan-ho, 50, in May, saying, “I hate Korean Express so much,” and “there are not one or two players who have made fools of themselves by coming out and commentating once in a while,” came under fire for his biased commentary during the Samsung-SSG game in Munhak on Sept. 24.

When Samsung pitcher Yang Chang-seop (24) threw a ball that hit SSG’s Choi Jung (36) in the body at first base in the bottom of the seventh inning with his team trailing 7-13, Oh declared, “This is an open slap (throw),” and when Yang Chang-seop took off his hat to apologize to Choi Jung, he said, “There is no need to apologize for this.” Even though Yang Chang-seob immediately apologized to Choi Jung, he still decided that he intentionally threw the ball at her body.

Baseball fans were divided in their reactions to Oh’s comments. While most fans criticized Oh for “making a fool out of Yang Chang-seop” and “calling it an empty ball was inappropriate,” others said, “He doesn’t have a point.”

The managers of both teams indirectly criticized Oh. Samsung coach Park Jin-man cautioned against over-interpretation, saying, “Our analysis was that Choi is a little weak on the body side (of the ball), and that’s why he pitched like that. I don’t understand why it’s being said.” SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “We don’t do that nowadays. Not only our team, but all teams try to play normal baseball even if they are down,” he said.

Yang Chang-seop later posted on social media, “Fish are always caught with their mouths. Humans are also caught by the mouth. A line from the Talmud,” he posted a picture on his social media account, sarcastically criticizing Oh.

He then posted a picture on social media saying, “A fool speaks of what he has heard, a wise man speaks of what he has seen. The Talmud,” he posted on social media.

Later, during the Samsung-SSG game on the 25th, Oh said, “I hope they (SSG) win today and sweep (win all three games),” at the beginning of the broadcast, sparking a controversy over biased commentary. Samsung won the game 5-2.

Oh, who had been criticized for making fools of the players with his ill-considered commentary, was forced to put down his microphone as he appeared to be judging the players’ behavior in his own mind.