Overall 1st candidate Moon Jung-hyun, who has more to prove, homework to be solved in the final season

“Does Moon Jung-hyun have anything more to prove?”

Moon Jeong-hyun of Korea University is the first overall candidate for the upcoming 2023 KBL rookie draft. He is selected for the national team as a college player and is one step ahead of competitors such as Park Moo-bin (Korea University) and Ki-sang Yu (Yonsei University).

Many basketball fans and officials expected Moon Jung-hyun to participate in the 2022 KBL rookie draft. If he had participated, he would have competed for first place overall with Yang Jun-seok (LG) and Lee Doo-won (kt), who were nominated for the first and second overall positions. Looking back at the mood he had at the time, he was also on a more favorable note.

However, after graduating, Mun Jung-hyeon chose to challenge himself as a pro. It showed a different appearance from the recent early entry frenzy. In particular, professional officials asked the question, “Does Moon Jung-hyun have anything more to prove?” That’s why he was already the best player in college.

Even national team coach Choo Il-seung said, “As far as basketball sense is, it is very good compared to professional players. It was Mun Jeong-hyun who praised him, saying, “A player I want to pick again at the next opportunity.”

Mun Jeong-hyeon is an all-around player who can lead the entire game as the 3rd and 4th, as well as the 1st at times. He also has the power to play behind the basket when needed. He is also the only collegiate player with an even balance of offense and defense.

However, Moon Jung-hyun is not without weaknesses. He has a weakness that his shooting ability is inferior to other parts. The mid-range jumper is compliant, but the 3-point shot is full of question marks.

Moon Jung-hyun played 12 games in the 2022 season, averaging 15.0 points, 10.0 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1.8 steals. His 2-point shooting percentage is very high at 63.3%, but his 3-point shooting percentage drops significantly to 29.3%. His attempt itself was also low at 41.

It is Mun Jeong-hyeon who exposed his 3-point shooting success rate, which is low even in the playoffs. He appeared in all three games and averaged 23.3 points, 12.6 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.3 steals, and was named MVP, but he made only 25% of his three-pointers. After recording a 100% (2/2) success rate in the quarterfinals against Sungkyunkwan University, he attempted 10 times in the following two games and failed to break the rim even once. 헤라카지노

Moon Jung-hyun is already top-notch in all aspects except for the 3-point shot, so he can dominate the game itself even if he does not have a high 3-point shot success rate in college. But pros are different. He has already shown that several players have entered the pros without having the ability to shoot, and are not even properly given the opportunity to participate. Representatively, there is Park Ji-won (kt). There is no need to doubt Moon Jung-hyun’s skills, but the question mark on his three-point shot must be cleared.

Regarding this, Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong said, “I don’t think (Moon) Jeong-hyeon’s shooting ability is inferior. He is a player who can put a punch when it matters and is also a good mid-range jumper. The 3-point shot problem has a success rate, but it can be solved by throwing a lot. I usually ask him to throw a lot, but since Jung-hyeon is a kid who focuses on certain things first, the number of attempts is too small. He diagnosed that in his final season, his top priority is to try a lot of 3-pointers.”

For Moon Jeong-hyeon, who said he had nothing to prove, the fourth grade could feel like a year to solve homework, not a bonus. It’s not that easy for him to equip the 3-point shot. However, he is a must-have if he wants to win the best overall title.

Also, this year is the time when he can confirm his true value as a true all-around player. With Lee Doo-won entering the professional league and Yeo Jun-seok joining Gonzaga University, Moon Jung-hyun has to play many roles besides the 3-point shot. Moon Jung-hyun has to do more than before. His senior season is already looking busy.