Players who didn’t have an entry were active at the ‘cheering team level’… The Power of Korean Air’s ‘One Team’

Men’s professional volleyball Korean Air’s non-entry players cheered enthusiastically in the stands and contributed to the victory. This is the part where you can feel the ‘one team power’ of Korean Air, where not only the starting players but also the players who have been left out of the roster are tied together.

Korean Air won the 3rd match of the 2022-23 V-League Men’s Championship against Hyundai Capital held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium on the 3rd with a set score of 3-2.

With this, Korean Air became the second team to win three consecutive championships after Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Furthermore, they reached the top of the KOVO Cup, regular league, and championship match and achieved a season treble.

The treble is the third in the men’s and women’s divisions after Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (2009-10 season) and GS Caltex (2020-21 season), and the second record in the men’s division.

On this day, Korean Air’s performance shone both on and off the court. On the court, centered on veteran setter Han, Jeong Ji-seok, Kwak Seung-seok, and Lincoln Williams were in charge of the victory.

First, they gave up two sets, and in a situation where the loss was dark, they overturned the game with great back heart. One player explained the secret of the reversal, saying, “All players had the belief that they could reverse, so they did not collapse.”

There were ‘players’ off the court. Park Ji-hoon, Lim Jae-young, Kang Seung-il, Song Min-geun, Jeong Jin-hyeok, and Cheon Jong-beom, who were not included in the entry, were seated in the Jeong Won-seok.

They not only found the stadium, but also led the atmosphere of the stadium by following the slogans and shouting in the cheering seats. Some players came down to the first floor at the end of the game and induced cheering like a cheerleader. As the players directly cheered with the fans, the atmosphere in the expedition seat heated up even more. 메이저사이트

Korean Air players as well as coach Tommy Tilikhainen knew this. After winning the last game of the 5th set, the players went to the front of their colleagues in the stands and shared the joy with each other whenever they scored, and coach Tommy stared at them for a long time.

After the game, coach Tillikainen said, “I was surprised that the players other than the entry team cheered hard. On the other hand, it hurts that I couldn’t put players who care for the team like this into the entry.”

He then praised the strength of the original team, saying, “We were able to win a valuable medal thanks to the sweat of each and every player on and off the court.”

An official from Korean Air explained, “There has never been a culture in which players other than entry players cheer together with the cheering squad. That’s how close the team atmosphere is.”