Professional player Lee Chang-seok rises to fame after 9 years of joining

Lee Chang-seok (27), who has been in his 9th year as a pro, has finally risen to the ranks of ‘professional’.

In the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League held on the 19th of last month, Lee Chang-seok defeated Kim Jeong-hyun 8th Dan and added 4 points to the promotion.

The Korean Kiwon announced on the 2nd that Lee Chang-seok, who scored 243 accumulated points, was promoted to 9th dan.

Lee Chang-seok, who passed the 2015 general안전놀이터 membership competition and became a professional knight, won his first championship by reaching the top of the 2020 Crown Haitai Cup.

In 2021, he advanced to the quarterfinals of the Samsung Fire Cup, a major world championship, and also reached the finals of the LG Cup in 2022.

On this day, Jeong Seo-joon 4th dan became ‘Yongji (用智, alias of 5th dan)’, Kim Hee-soo and Park Ji-hyun 3rd dan became ‘Sogyo (小巧, 4th dan’s alias)’, and Kim Seungjin and Choi Eun-gyu 2nd dan became ‘fighting power (鬪力ㆍ Aliases of 3 dan)’ respectively.

Choi Won-jin’s first dan succeeded in his first promotion after joining the ‘Yakwoo’ (若愚, nickname for 2nd dan).

As for the promotion rules of the Korea Origins Association, 4 points are awarded for a win in the comprehensive game (including the KB League and Chinese League), 1.5 points for a win in the Korea Professional Writers Association League, and 1 point for a win in the limited game (Rookie/Women/Senior Games). do.