Prosper, a new foreign player to start, a gift of hope to KT?

Lester Prosper, who newly joined KT, will start in the KBL debut game.

Suwon KT will face off against Jeonju KCC at the Jeonju Gymnasium on the 20th in the 3rd round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball.

KT took special measures to get out of the bottom. Both foreign players were replaced. Among them, Lester Prosper, the second option, completes all procedures and will step on the KBL court for the first time on this day. As a member of the Indonesian national team, he faced South Korea in last year’s FIBA ​​Asia Cup qualifiers. At the time, he said in a pregame interview that he was looking forward to facing Laguna, and scored 25 points against Laguna. However, Laguna also played an active role with 23 points and 7 rebounds, leading Korea to victory. 메이저놀이터

Unfortunately, Prosper has a face-to-face match with La Gun-ah from his KBL debut match. Will he be able to present hope to KT, who has used up all the foreign player replacement cards?

KT coach Seo Dong-chul

Q. Ready for the game?

Prosper starts. When he trained, his stamina was not fully up. He will continue to serve as a replacement. I want him to play a role like salt that has a good effect on the team atmosphere. He has experienced many Asian leagues, so his strength is that he knows the Asian atmosphere well.

Q. Lee Doo-won was included in the entry?
(Lee) Duwon’s hometown is Jeonju, so it is meaningful. It was not intended as part of it. I planned to use it earlier, but I took a few days off because I had pain in my feet while playing in the D-League. (Ha) I want Yoongi to play a good role during his break. It is still clumsy and lacks basic skills, but the hardware is good, so the potential is high. The technical part needs reinforcement.

*Best 5
KT: Jung Sung-woo, Kim Young-hwan, Yang Hong-seok, Yang Hong-seok, Ha Yoon-ki, Leicester Prosper
KCC: Heo Ung, Jung Chang-young, Song Dong-hun, Lee Seung-hyun, and Ra