‘Qatar WC Round of 16 hero’ Hwang’s return…Hwang Hee-chan “First win for Klinsmann, with fun and good football!”

Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton Wanderers), who led South Korea to its second away World Cup Round of 16 victory at the Education City Stadium in Doha, Qatar, on Dec. 2 last year, shared his thoughts on his first stint with Klinsmann’s.

In a pre-training interview at Gudeok Sports Complex in Busan on December 12, Hwang said he was able to get to know Klinsmann, who was meeting him for the first time.

Hwang Hee-chan is working with Klinsmann for the first time after advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where he was unable to join the team due to a hamstring injury during the A match in March.먹튀검증

“I’ve been in touch with the coach and met with him separately. He always makes me feel comfortable when I see him, so I think of him as someone I’ve always known.” “My goal is to win every game. The second game of the series is also in Korea, so we want to win, and we also want to show good and fun soccer.”

The following is Hwang Hee-chan’s one-on-one answer.

  • You’re back with the A team. How are you feeling?

It was a long season. I was fortunate to finish it well, and I took a break when I came to Korea and worked out in Paju. He gave me a clear goal, so it’s a good start for us to work towards it together.

  • What was it like meeting Coach Klinsmann for the first time?

I’ve been in contact with him and met with him. He’s always made me feel comfortable when we’ve met, so I feel like I’ve known him all along. The goal is to win every game. These two games are also in Korea, so we want to win, and we want to show good, entertaining soccer.

  • The national team is in a good mood, with Hwang Eui-jo and Cho Kyu-sung scoring goals.

Of course, I think the team can win if the strikers score a lot of goals. Our good strikers are scoring a lot of goals and many players are showing good form, not just strikers, so I hope we can work well together and show good form and victory in these two matches.

  • Did the overseas players train separately in Paju?

We didn’t train tactically because many players couldn’t come. We did physical and sensory training. The physical coach prepared a very hard workout, much harder than what I’m used to, so it’s very good physically.

-I have good memories of A matches in Busan.

I remember playing against Australia. We often come to Busan on vacation, so it’s nice to play in the local area, and since we’ve been together for a long time, our goal is to play our best and show fun soccer.

  • Did you talk about the U-20 World Cup?

I didn’t see all the games live. I felt that there were a lot of good players and I hope that they will develop well and help Korean soccer a lot.

  • You’ll be missing some key defensive players like Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-kwon.

We haven’t talked about tactics yet. It’s unfortunate that we won’t have players who have played together for a very long time. But there are a lot of players who are doing well in the league, so we want to replace them and show the best performance we can.

  • On getting the first win at Klinsmann’s Lake

We want to win every game, and in this two-game series, we’re playing in Korea, so we’re going to try to win. We want to win and play good soccer, entertaining soccer.