‘Rabbit’ fathers promise…Heo In-hoe and Maeng Dong-seop “I will be a wonderful and proud father”

I want to be a great dad.”

36-year-old Heo In-hoe and Maeng Dong-seop, who celebrated the’year of the rabbit’, expressed their determination to restart the winning streak that had been blocked in 2023.

Heo In-hoe, who made his debut in 2007 and celebrated his 16th year as a professional, reigned as a strong player representing the Korean Tour by winning a total of 4 wins until the 2021 GS Caltex Maekyung Open after reporting his first win at the Philos Open in 2008.

However, compared to 2021, the performance in 2022 is not very satisfactory. He competed in 21 contests and passed the cut 14 times, but finished in the top 10 only 4 times. Even though the number of top 10s doubled from 2 in 2021, there was no championship, so the prize money dropped by more than half from 432.84 million won to 173.29 million won. He also moved back from 7th to 40th in the rankings.

Heo In-hoe, born in 1987, is looking forward to another leap forward this year. Above all, he is showing a stronger determination to win, saying he wants to show his son, who will be born in February, the image of a wonderful father.메이저사이트

He said, “I will make the Year of the Rabbit the ‘Year of Heo In-hoe’ by making up for what was lacking last year. I want to be a great father to my son who will be born in February.”

Heo In-hoe married Yuk Eun-chae (35) in 2019.

Maeng Dong-seop, who started a family in 2019, is also of the same mind ahead of the birth of his daughter in April.

Maeng Dong-seop, who won 3 wins on the Korean Tour, has lost news of winning for more than 4 years since the KB Financial Live Championship in 2018. Last year, he ranked in the top 10 in four competitions and ranked 33rd (194.53 million won) in prize money, shaking off the sluggishness caused by a finger injury in 2021.

However, he has not yet achieved satisfactory results. He is satisfied that he has recovered from his injury and regained his old skills, but the championship trophy is missing.

Maeng Dong-seop said, “My daughter is born in April this year, and I want to be a proud father.” “I had a satisfactory season last year. I want to achieve good results this season without injury,” aiming for a total of 4 wins.