‘Rent 18 billion won’ that expression came out again… I’m worried that I’ll come back with my head down

Joao Felix (Chelsea) was not a game changer.

There was no miracle at Chelsea. On the 19th (Korean time) at Stamford Bridge, their home stadium, Real Madrid and Chelsea, who played in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals in the 2022-23 season, lost 0-2. They lost the away game 0-2 in the first leg, and needed a counterbalance at home, but this time, they were defeated by two goals.

Chelsea couldn’t save the atmosphere that was good in the first half. Chelsea, who missed every opportunity due to lack of decisiveness, paid the price in the second half by conceding multiple goals to Rodrygo. Chelsea replaced Felix after Rodrygo gave up the first goal. It’s already too late for a turnaround, but I wanted a turnaround point for Felix.

So close. Even given a short time of 23 minutes, 18 ball touches without shooting attempts, 11 passes, 81% pass success rate, and 1 dribble success did not match the value of the name. Occasionally, even if he made an impressive scene, the finish was not detailed, so he made it without stalling.

Chelsea, who have been sluggish in the English Premier League, now have to prepare for next season as their only hope was to be eliminated from the Champions League. It is also necessary to decide on the future of rental student Felix. Chelsea paid a high rent of 11 million pounds (approximately 18 billion won) to bring Felix as a second-half reversal card. There is no full transfer option, but he was positive about the recruitment. 스포츠토토

However, trouble began when Felix failed to exert influence. In Spain, the weight is on his loan return. ‘As’ looked at “a gloomy scenario in which Felix, who failed to prevent Chelsea’s elimination, returns to Atletico Madrid.”

The media said, “The situation did not change for Felix at Chelsea. At Atlético, it did not seem to explode because of coach Diego Simeone, but it was the same at Chelsea.” “Felix is ​​a player who cannot change the flow himself. He is only a playmaker.” overall reviewed

Returning on loan is not good for each other as there was a feud between Felix and manager Simeone. Indeed, Atlético send Felix to Chelsea and are on a very good run, undefeated in the league. Ars was concerned, “Felix now seems to have no choice but to move or return to Atlético with his head bowed. Even at Chelsea, his sad expression with a grimace and closed mouth has not changed.”