Ronaldo was ‘rejected’ again… ‘Rejected’ by England’s 5th division team

 Cristiano Ronaldo was rejected again. This time, he was rejected by a team in the 5th division of English professional football.

The Sun reported on the 4th (Korean time) that Ronaldo, who wanted to leave Al Nasr this summer, was brutally rejected by the English team.

Ronaldo canceled his contract with Manchester United last winter and headed to Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia.

However, after only six months, word has come that he wants to leave the team.

Al Nasr, who led the league before Ronaldo arrived, fell to second place after Ronaldo joined. Both the Saudi Super Cup and the Saudi Champions Cup were eliminated in the semifinals.

Ronaldo is also struggling to adapt. According to Spain’s El Nacional, Ronaldo has difficulty adapting to the language difference and the closed culture of the Middle East, and wants to move to Spain, missing his time at Real Madrid.

In this situation, Bromley FC, a member of England’s 5th division National League, drew attention by blocking Ronaldo’s recruitment in advance.

Banarama, who is in charge of the National League sponsor, posted a composite photo of Ronaldo wearing Bromley’s home uniform on social media, saying, “Cristiano, if you want to play with Bromley next season, it’s not too late.” did.

The fans burst into laughter. According to The Sun, fans said, “There could be no crueler rejection”, “I agree. He’s not good enough for Bromley. Bromley can do better”, “Bromley doesn’t want it, Ronaldo is completely over.” reacted크크크벳

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Ronaldo has been rejected. One of the reasons he turned to Al Nasr from Manchester United earlier was that European clubs didn’t want to sign Ronaldo.

It was Ronaldo who was rejected not only by big clubs such as Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, but also by teams with lower powers such as Frankfurt.

At the time, Ronaldo also got the modifier ‘a player rejected by all teams’ from fans.