‘Rookie’ Jong-gyu Yoon “My big goal after the World Cup, I will burn it during my military service”

 What Jong-gyu Yoon (Sangmu Kim Cheon), wearing a military uniform instead of the FC Seoul uniform, engraved in his heart for the next year and a half is the dream of growing up and participating in the World Cup.

Yoon Jong-kyu will begin his military service in Gimcheon from this season. He played an active role as the core of FC Seoul’s side defense last season and had the best time of being selected for the final entry for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but joined Kimcheon from this season to fulfill his defense duties.

In an interview held at the Songjeong Hotel in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the 8th, an off-campus training site, he said, “It was difficult when I first came, but I’m having fun training as I enter Busan off-campus training.” Do you do well?) Uh… That’s right (laughs)” and was gradually adapting to his military life.

Yoon Jong-kyu is 25 years old and 메이저놀이터chose to serve in the military a little early. The influence of Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk Hyundai) and Oh Hyeon-gyu (Celtic), who chose to serve in the military early, cannot be ignored.

“I wanted to develop personally,” he said. It is very helpful to come and go quickly when I was young,” he said. I heard the story of Cho Kyu-sung’s life in the military, but it didn’t touch my heart because I was a civilian at the time. He did not deny the influence of the two players, saying, “I can feel it when I come.

Yoon Jong-gyu seemed to seize his dream World Cup opportunity last year. He was named in the final 26-man roster, but the choice was given to Kim Moon-hwan (Jeonbuk Hyundai). Yoon Jong-kyu had to watch the first World Cup in his life from the bench.

He said, “I felt a lot of regret, so my will to participate in the next World Cup became stronger. I don’t know if he would have played the game, but he learned a lot from watching outside. It took a lot of effort to go to the next stage,” he said. “It is true that I was looking forward to it. I was not very disappointed and accepted it well. I tried to turn the pain into maturity, saying, “I paid attention to going to the next step.”

Seong Han-soo, head coach of Gimcheon, emphasized that enlisting in Gimcheon was a land of opportunity, saying, “I think military service for one year and six months can be a place of opportunity to become a world-class player.” This includes Yoon Jong-kyu. He said, “Shouldn’t all players, not just me, burn for a year and a half? After the World Cup, I had a bigger goal. My heart to be convened has grown and I have become greedy,” he said, burning his will.

Yoon Jong-gyu tries to adapt to Gimcheon one step at a time rather than being impatient. He said, “No matter how many minutes I play, I will show good performance when I go to the game. I want to continue undefeated as a team.”