Seoul Sports Climbing World Cup Speed ​​Breaks World Records in Korea

 Shin Eun-cheol (24, Gwangju Indoor Rock Wall) and Jung Ji-min (19, North Face Climbing Team) set a new sports climbing speed record in Korea.

Shin Eun-cheol placed 4th with a time of 5.13 in the men’s speed qualifying round of the 2023 International Sport Climbing Federation (IFSC) Seoul Sports Climbing World Cup held at Jungnang Sports Climbing World Cup Stadium in Seoul on the 28th. 16 players advanced to the finals. Shin Eun-chul beat the previous Korean record of 5 seconds and 43 seconds set by him by 0.3 seconds at the IFSC Jakarta World Cup last year. But he never made it to the podium. Shin Eun-cheol passed the round of 16 with a bye, but lost to Wang Shin-sang (China) in the quarter-final.

Jeong Ji-min in the women’s division also set a new Korean record of 7.08 seconds (previous 7.39 seconds) and secured the right to advance to the finals in 8th place. Jung Ji-min set another Korean record with a time of 6.86 seconds in the round of 16. However, in the quarterfinals she lost to Alexandra Miroslav (Poland).

Miroslav reached the top of the women’s event, breaking her world record. Miroslav shortened the previous world record of 6.53 seconds, which he set in May last year, by 0.16 seconds to 6.37 seconds in the preliminary round. She broke her world record in consecutive years with a time of 6.35 in the semifinal and 6.25 in the final. 크크크벳

Leonardo Bedrik (Indonesia) broke the 5-second barrier for the first time in sport climbing history with a time of 4.98 seconds in the men’s preliminary round. The previous men’s world record was 5 seconds, set in July 2022 by Kyromal Kativin (Indonesia). Bedriq broke his world record once again with a time of 4.90 in the quarterfinals. In the final, he won with 5.01, beating Rong Jinbao (China) in 5.12.