Shaving’ resolution → NC ‘finishing leader’ Lee Yong-chan is back 

I pushed to come to my senses.”

The voice of NC closer Lee Yong-chan (34), who talked about having his hair ‘shaved’ short, showed firm determination. The reason was simple. It is to strengthen his mindset of ‘get up and do it right’. Lee Yong-chan, who returned to the first team with the will to shave his head, proudly announced his return by reporting his 6th season save.

In the match against Suwon KT on the 10th, Lee Yong-chan took the mound at the end of the 9th inning with the team leading 8-7, and kept the victory one by one by neatly blocking the KT lineup with a three-way strike. After 10 days, he returned to the first team and proved himself to be extremely self-respecting.

He continued his good form after the season opener and then suddenly faltered. In fact, after the opening, Lee Yong-chan played 7 games in a row and scored 1 win and 3 saves, clearly showing off his appearance as a finishing pitcher. However, after that, he showed a sharp slump and recorded two blown saves (missing save opportunities by allowing a tie or reverse in a situation where the save requirements were met). In the game against Changwon Lotte on the 23rd of last month, it collapsed with 5 hits, 3 walks and 5 runs in 1 inning, and on the 29th, against Hanwha in Daejeon, it collapsed.

A change was needed. So, he was excluded from the first team entry, and he had time to reorganize for 10 days, even shaving his hair. NC’s decision to give him time by excluding him from the final entry was also important.

Lee Yong-chan said, “I had time to reorganize (for 10 days). He looked back on what went wrong and thought a lot about what to do in the future,” he said. Afterwards, while exercising, he focused on finding out what was wrong with his pitching balance and improving it.”

In his ‘shaving’, the will of reflection and introspection was strongly exuded. In the past, players suffering from sluggishness cut their hair short and burned their will, but it is a rare sight these days. He also did a lot when he was young, but he confessed that he shaved his head after a long time.

Lee Yong-chan said, “I shaved my hair a lot when I was young, but now I can’t do it, so I cut it straight. It means to wake up and do well,” he said. “It doesn’t mean much. I cut it because I thought I had to change something. It is to strengthen my mindset,” he said with strength.안전놀이터

He is the best veteran pitcher in NC. His juniors follow him, calling him “our captain.” It is rumored that all of his juniors were surprised by Lee Yong-chan’s shaved appearance. He said, “When my juniors saw me, they were all surprised and said, ‘Senior, why are you like this? So he said, ‘I cut it to come to my senses’” with a smile.

The goal is also clear. It’s just about getting out of the game and not conceding and blocking well. Lee Yong-chan said, “As a veteran, I will lead my juniors well, give advice from the side, and fulfill their role well.” “My role is clearly defined. Blocking well without giving points in the game I am on the mound, I am only thinking about that.”