“Shouldn’t we go to Florida?” Choi Jeong, the reason why he appeared in a dream

“I came here without a wink of sleep.”

Incheon International Airport on the 25th, when the SSG Landers spring camp squad departed. Veteran infielder Choi Jung-jeong, who was the first to go through the formalities and respond to the interview, was dreamy. Overseas spring camp resumed three years after the COVID-19 pandemic. SSG leaves for Vero Beach, Florida, USA. However, Choi Jung smiled and said, “Honestly, it’s a bit difficult” and revealed the reason why he was sober. He expressed his earnest desire (?), saying, “The road to the United States is always very difficult for me, and I get a lot of stress. I hope this will be the last camp site. I wish I could change the camp site.”

The Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, used by SSG, has the best facilities. Playground management is also perfect, and multiple playgrounds can be used by SSG at the same time. Not only the weather and climate, but also lodging and meals are good. SSG team officials also evaluated it as “a place with the best environment to focus only on baseball.” 토토사이트

The problem is travel time. There are no direct flights from Incheon to Florida. You have to make a stopover unconditionally, but the distance itself is long and the travel time is included, so the travel distance is not easy. In the case of this SSG team, they go from Incheon to Atlanta and transfer after 3 hours. If you get off at Orlando International Airport in Florida, then you have to travel by bus again for about 2 hours. Total travel time is over 20 hours. It takes two days to arrive and go, and there is a 14-hour time difference with Korea. Even after arriving, it takes a few more days just to adjust to the jet lag.

Choi Jeong, a ‘model student’ who doesn’t complain about anything, but I can feel the physical burden as I am about to leave a distant camp for the first time in a long time. Choi Jung-eun said, “I wish I could go to a place that’s close or where I can only get on a plane once. It’s really nice to exercise when I arrive, but the way there is so difficult. So, it feels like I’m returning to my body after arriving. I’m going to sleep on the plane today. It’s been leaking.” He smiled lightly.

Finding the best spring camp location is the homework of every club. As this is the first season that overseas camps have resumed, there can be many changes in the future. After returning from Florida at the end of February, SSG will move directly to Okinawa, Japan, to hold a second camp focused on actual matches. Choi Jeong and Kim Gwang-hyeon will travel from Florida to Arizona to complete the training schedule for the WBC national team, and after returning to Korea, they will share the schedule of the national team in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.