Some defeats are worse than others, such as “I gave away too many points”… A man’s rant.

“We gave away too many points (in the second half).”

Every day is a slippery slope. The KIA Tigers are at the center of a mid-table battle.

They will play the second game of the weekend series against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan on April 12.메이저사이트

The day before, KIA lost 1-7. They gave up two runs in the first inning to Ahn Chi-hong and Jeong Hoon, and a combination of defensive mistakes made it easy for them to lose the game.

With the score at 0-5, Ko Jong-wook’s RBI single brought them within one run, but that was it. They gave up another run and collapsed. Even after bringing in key bullpen pitchers like Jang Hyun-sik and Kim Ki-hoon, they were unable to turn things around. The fact that it was the first game of the series made it even more painful.

Kia manager Kim Jong-guk, who met with the media before the game, also expressed his disappointment. “We gave up runs too easily. We should have scored one or two more points and pulled out the opponent’s pilseung group…” Kim said, “It was a more disappointing game even though we lost.”

“Lotte prepared well, and they were persistent in their approach to Panoni. They threw a lot of pitches, and even though I threw well, they hit home runs…I made good saves, but the problem was that I threw a lot of pitches early on.”

In fact, Ahn Chi-hong’s home run, which opened the scoring, came after he fouled off four consecutive pitches and took 10 pitches. “So if we could have gotten another out, it would have been fine, but Chi-hong hit it well,” Kim reflected.

“As for the mistake, it was (Choi) Won-joon trying to get the leadoff man, and it was unfortunate that Socrates made the first mistake. If he had thrown it accurately, the runner wouldn’t have moved, and it wasn’t a sacrifice fly, so it was disappointing that it led to a run.”

Coach Kim said, “I didn’t get many hits, but I wasn’t able to connect. We had a lot of chances behind the plate, and our bats were not focused.”