‘SON best friend-robot dance striker’ EPL embroidered players, from Norwich?

Son Heung-min’s best friend, the robot dance striker was from Norwich City?

Soccer statistics website ‘score90’ released the list on the 7th, saying, “Did you know that these players once played for Norwich?”

A name that stands out is Son Heung-min’s best friend, Harry Kane. He is now an indispensable player for Tottenham Hotspur, but he has a history of playing for Norwich.

Kane wore a Tottenham shirt in 2009, but at such a young age it was difficult to gain an edge over the competition메이저사이트. He moved around in his rental life to get a chance.

While building experience with his rental life, he played for Norwich as a loan player for a year from 2012.

Kane, who has accumulated experience through his rental life with various teams, has become a key player for Tottenham. He recently scored in the 22nd round of the league match against Manchester City, rising to the 200-goal mark in the English Premier League (EPL) following Alan Shearer and Wayne Rooney.

In particular, he surpassed legend Jimmy Greaves to become Tottenham’s top scorer with 267 goals in his career.

Peter Crouch, famous for his robot dance ceremony, is also from Norwich. When he was active at Aston Villa, he left on loan in 2003 to change the atmosphere.

He then played Southampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Tottenham and Stoke City before ending his career at Burnley.