Son Jun-ho is detained by Chinese public security and is under compulsory investigation

Jun-ho (31), a midfielder of the Korean national soccer team who plays for Shandong Taishan in Chinese professional football, has been detained by Chinese public security and is under investigation. He seems to have been embroiled in suspicion of match-fixing by his team.

An official from the Korean Embassy in China said on the 15th, “I understand that the Liaoning Province authorities in China are investigating Son Jun-ho while he is in custody.” It is reported that Son Jun-ho was arrested by the local public security while trying to leave the country at Shanghai Airport on the 12th. It is not confirmed whether he is a suspect or a reference person. It is said that Son Jun-ho is detained in a “criminal custody” state for investigation and is being investigated by the public security.

Junho Son
Chinese media reported that there is a high possibility that Shandong players are being investigated for alleged misconduct, such as match fixing by coach Hao Wei of their team. It is known that since last year in the Chinese soccer world, high-intensity circumstances have been blowing, saying that they will eradicate rampant corruption such as match fixing and bribery.메이저사이트

However, Son Jun-ho is complaining of injustice. Through an interview with a media specializing in soccer, Son Jun-ho’s side argued that the entire club had to undergo a reference investigation on the 12th.