Swing strikeout → Furious bat → Reversal triple → Fierce ceremony… The 23-year-old third baseman who led the first place “I was pissed off, but I became bitter”

 LG third baseman Bo-kyung Moon has become a hero. He hit a come-from-behind final triple and led LG to a joint lead. 

The match between LG and NC was held at Jamsil Stadium on the 19th. Moon Bo-gyeong, who started as the third baseman in number 5, did not show much activity in the offense until the 5th inning. He struck out in his first at-bat in the first inning and walked with 2 outs on 3rd and 1st base. He struck out on a swing with two outs on third base in the fifth inning with the score trailing 2–5. After he struck out, he beat himself up by slamming his bat hard to the ground. 

After the game, Moon Bo-kyung said about the situation at the time, “I think I was a little heated. I didn’t swing at a similar ball, but I swung at a ball that was completely a ball. One point is an important situation, but it seems that I couldn’t control my anger momentarily because I was so hot that I backed out with a lethargic strikeout.” 

LG pursued 3-5 with Kim Hyun-soo’s one RBI and double in the 7th inning. With 1 out, 2nd and 3rd bases, Austin picked a walk and became the bases full. Moon Bo-kyung said, “I had a strikeout in the previous at-bat chance, but I thought that the sky was putting me on a test table, and I had no choice but to hit it.”

He hit Kim Yeong-gyu’s first pitch and hit a long hit that hit the middle right fence with a one-bound. All the runners came home, and Moon Bo-gyeong stepped on the third base and roared.

Moon Bo-kyung said, “Rather than aiming for the first ball, I set the course and hit it. I entered the course I thought of rather than high and low and hit it.” 

A celebration of joy was held at third base. He said, “I have a grudge against strikeouts in the front plate a little, and it was good because I hit a come-from-behind hit in an important situation.” 토스카지노

In the second year of full-time, he has a high batting average of over 30% at the beginning of the season. He also improved his batting average against left-handed pitchers. Moon Bo-kyung said, “First of all, there are advices from seniors and coaches. It doesn’t work out at will, but I think I can get some good results by thinking about it.”

On this day, he showed a good performance in defense as well. In the 8th inning, he caught Seok-Hyun Han’s ground ball on 1st and 2nd base, stepped on 3rd base, threw it to 1st base, and overcame the crisis with a double stroke. In the ninth inning, lead batter Park Min-woo’s foul fly was caught as it collided with the third base bullpen fence.

When asked to be careful of injuries, Moon Bo-kyung smiled and said, “I don’t know how I caught it. I only remember bumping into it. I caught it while feeling something in the glove. First of all, I have to catch it.”  

On this day, LG tied for first place with Moon Bo-kyung’s come-from-behind final blow. Moon Bo-kyung said confidently, “I am not satisfied with this because the season is still long.