The 2023 Jeonbuk Asia Pacific Masters Tournament is fast… Entering the 9-day campaign

The ‘2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Competition’, a grand festival of life sportsmen around the world, began a nine-day long journey starting with the opening ceremony at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 13th.

The opening ceremony was held under the theme of ‘New Change, Beginning of Hope’.

The opening ceremony started with the ceremony of singers Jinseong and Na Tae-ju, public relations ambassadors for the Asia Pacific Masters. Then, starting with the opening notice by the moderator, players from 71 countries around the world appeared on the ground and marched through the headquarters with 50 street players from 5 cities and counties.

A large-scale calligraphy performance by calligrapher Jeom-yong Yoon, who is the executive director of the World Calligraphy Jeonbuk Biennale, was also held. Theme song choirs by Jinseong, Kim Joo-ri, and children’s choirs, as well as Taekwondo performances by Woosuk University, raised the heat of the opening ceremony to the fullest.

Opening remarks by Kim Kwan-young, governor of North Jeolla Province, the chairman of the organizing committee, congratulatory remarks by IMGA president Sergei, and welcoming remarks by Lee Ki-heung, Korea Sports Council, followed by Cho Yong-man, the second vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, made an opening declaration, and then the flag was raised.

In his opening remarks, Kim Kwan-young, the organizer of the event, said, “I hope that people from all over the world will share their capabilities and experiences with each other through this event, and grow through harmony and joy.”먹튀검증

In his congratulatory speech, IMGA president Sergei said, “To attend the much-anticipated Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters, coaches, athletes, volunteers, and “Sports enthusiasts from all over the world came together to compete and celebrate the spirit. The Masters competition isn’t just about medals. We will unite as one by taking advantage of the advantages that sports bring.”

The torch was lit at Mireuksa Temple Site in Iksan, and the torch was relayed to the opening ceremony at the Jeonbuk Provincial Office, going around 14 cities and counties in the province.

After the official event was over, passionate performances by singers Oh My Girl and Young Tak were held as an after-dinner event. In particular, on the occasion of singer Young Tak’s birthday, about 10,000 people from Young Tak’s fan club visited the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Asia-Pacific Masters, which will be held for the first time in Korea, will be held in 25 events in 14 cities and counties in Jeollabuk-do until the 20th. A total of 14,177 people from 71 countries participated in this event. It is the largest scale among Masters tournaments by continent.