The KIA 34-year-old captain is a master of pushing… 1571G 2nd baseman “I think I’m going crazy” candid confession

 “I think I’m going crazy every time I get hit over there… ”

SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won expressed surprise at Kim Sun-bin (KIA)’s unique push while relaying the LG-KIA match in Jamsil on the 28th and 30th of last month. Commissioner Oh Jae-won, a former second baseman who played in 1571 games, recalled that it was quite difficult to find a defensive position in preparation for Kim Seon-bin’s push during his active career.

Committee member Oh Jae-won said, “I tried to be behind and in front, but if you are in front, hit backward, and if you are behind, hit forward.” In a similar sense, he said, “If you go this way, hit that way, and if you go that way, hit this way.” It means that Kim Sun-bin is not simply good at sending the ball to the right, but has the ability to hit the ball where there are no defenders. It is highly praised that the bat control is quite sophisticated.

Kim Sun-bin flew 6 hits, 1 RBI and 2 runs in 12 at-bats in the last 3 consecutive matches against LG in April. Also, there were not a few hits to the right. In the game on the 28th, Baekmi appeared as the lead hitter in the 11th inning of overtime and effortlessly pushed his bat to LG Yoo Young-chan’s outer slider and made a right-handed hit.

Commissioner Oh said “Wow~” at that moment. He said, “How many times did I defend at the plate with Kim Seon-bin? Every time I hit that side (right side), I feel like going crazy, but even if I was guarding that side, it was pierced several times and dozens of times.”

Then, an important technical explanation was added. Commissioner Oh said, “To imitate that blow, they say, ‘push it’ or ‘hit it in the opposite direction,’ but at the moment (the ball) comes inside the foot. However, it is always sent in the opposite direction with the bat control in front of the left foot.”

Even if the form collapsed the moment you pushed it, it did not collapse. It means that the timing is not too late, forming a hitting point in front of the left foot (based on a right-handed hitter) and pushing it lightly. In the state where the hitting point is behind the left foot, it is virtually a ‘push’, and the batting speed may drop or a hit ball may come out. However, Kim Seon-bin has a hitting point in front of his left foot, so he can push as he pleases. This is why Commissioner Oh admired it.먹튀검증

Now, Kim Seon-bin is quite old, but his hitting technique does not run away. Early in the season, his poor ankle prevented him from playing defense, limiting his role as a pinch hitter. However, on April 13, before Gwangju Hanwha, he consistently appeared as a second baseman and consistently produced hits.

18 hits in 58 at-bats in 20 games, batting average 0.310, 6 RBI, 5 runs, OPS 0.765. The scoring average is also good at 0.294. In modern baseball, conscious pushing is not forced, but batters who can push and pull freely like Kim Seon-bin can increase the probability of hits. As Commissioner Oh said, Kim Sun-bin, who has extremely sophisticated bat control, can finish short even when his slump comes.

Moreover, the table setter, cleanup trio, and even the fourth hitter in the bottom line. Can play a variety of roles. As the KIA captain, he consistently fulfills his position and role. Recently, the KIA batting line has found vitality in general, and Kim Seon-bin, a ‘push master’, also shows his presence properly. Before he knew it, he entered the 30%. His start to the season was precarious, but his April finish was good. He’s off to a good start in the reserve free agent season.