‘The Last Fighting Spirit’ Korea Expressway Corporation vs ‘Today End’ Heungkuk Life Insurance

The championship match continues with three rounds. Both the first and second games held in Incheon ended with Heungkuk Life’s victory. Now, the location is moved to Gimcheon. The third leg of the 2022-2023 V-League Championship will begin at 7 p.m. on the 2nd at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium.

The home team’s road construction is at the edge of a cliff. We need to find a clue to the reversal through today’s game victory. The away team, Heungkuk Life Insurance, is trying to confirm the combined championship with a victory today. In a situation where the flow is held, I try to finish the series as it is without handing it over.

Ahead of this series, key players such as Bae Yu-na and Park Jung-ah are unable to show 100% of their skills due to a cold. It was a change of season, and it was an unfortunate situation that came out of a lot of travel distance.

Ultimately, this led to a loss of power. The part that gave up the first set in the first game had a significant impact on the entire series. If Bae Yoo-na had a difficult expression in the first game, Park Jung-ah started in the warm-up zone in the second game. Several players, including Park Jung-ah, Bae Yu-na, and Jeon Sae-yan, wore masks to play. The checkpoint is to what extent you can play in normal condition in today’s game 3.

Expressway Corporation had a team color that solved the game based on its strengths in receiving and defense and superiority in blocking, but suffered consecutive losses due to the opponent’s one-two punch’s offensive decision while not showing a clear strength in this area. In a situation at the edge of a cliff, a final fighting spirit is needed.

Heungkuk Life Insurance is unraveling the game as Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena’s twin guns explode. It’s not the best performance, but now it’s a championship game where winning is important.

Today’s game draws attention to Kim Yeon-kyung’s performance. Kim Yeon-kyung said that her match on this day could be the last game to play in Heungkuk Life Insurance uniform, or maybe it could be the final match of her career as a player. She tries to make a final decision later considering various circumstances, but she is the best in the league, so I hope that she will show more skills in the entire volleyball world. Kim Yeon-kyung is also consulting with her entourage. Several opinions have also been converged.

In order for Kim Yeon-kyung to continue her career as a player, she needs full support and consideration from her club. Kim Yeon-kyung deserves special treatment. Considering the ticket power of selling out 6,000 seats and the viewer ratings for the championship match that exceeded 2%, she should be treated as she deserves. In an environment where he can receive such treatment and continue his career as a player, Kim Yeon-kyung can also think broadly. 안전놀이터

In addition, it seems desirable that Kim Yeon-kyung’s retirement be made in a foretold situation. Like the cases of Lee Seung-yeop and Lee Dae-ho in professional baseball, it seems meaningful to decide in advance and play the final season before the season. Depending on the situation, there is also a plan to declare retirement in the middle of the season and go on a retirement tour. As a player, I also need finishing time with fans. From many perspectives, Kim Yeon-kyung is essential to the V-League. It is clear that the finish also needs lingering lingering and space.

Game 3 of the championship match begins at 7:00 p.m. Game 3 today could be the end of the series, or it could be a clue to a twist. However, it is clear that Heungkuk Life Insurance is in an absolutely advantageous position. Will today be the last match for the V-League Women’s Division? The time to check the results is coming.