‘The loudest’ Oh Eun-ryeol’s cry, “Libero? It’s a awakening position.”

Korean Air has won three consecutive championships this year. The glory of this ‘aviation dynasty’ has been with them since they were rookies. There are only three winning records in four seasons.

Libero Oh Eun-ryeol (26) made his debut for Korean Air in the 2nd place in the 2nd round of the 2019-20 season. He has become a solid main player after 2020, equipped with a decent serve-receive and double-link ability. 

Oh Eun-ryeol, who recently sat face-to-face at the training ground in Yongin, seemed a little nervous, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve taken pictures and interviewed alone.” 

Looking back, he said, “I was really confident in the regular season at the beginning of the season, but I was so confident that I didn’t have a bad look in the middle.” I thought about it a lot, but I think it came out better in the championship match,” he said.

In addition, “In the first game, I was so restless that I couldn’t sleep until right before the second game, I thought ‘how to do this’ all night, and the coach also gave me a lot of good words, and the ball came well in front of me, so I showed a good appearance in the second game. did,” he said. And in the third game, where he poured everything into victory, his tears were not in vain. 

In the fourth year, only 3 championships were won. Even though everyone on the team worked together, it was never an easy record. We asked how they felt about the time and present of their first combined victory.

“At first, it was a time when I didn’t know how to look cool. I felt pressured, but I wasn’t afraid. I brushed off the pressure by saying to myself, ‘I’m still young, so it’s okay’, so I personally felt that my form at that time was the best. Since this came up well, I felt the pressure to protect it, and I really relied on my brothers at that time.” 

His performance this season was 43.20% in receiving efficiency, ranking first overall. Compared to last season (6th place, 40.98%), the indicator has improved. 

Regarding this, he laughed awkwardly, saying, “Originally, when I received a spike, my grades went down a little, but when I received mainly floater serve, the indicator went up.” Even so, he added, “I thought I couldn’t show my skills to the director, and I improved a lot from there because I was confident.” 

Coach Tillikainen, the commanding tower, gave Oh Eun-ryeol intensive training on how not to fall. Usually, liberos choose the defensive method of falling backwards to alleviate the impact of a strong serve. On the other hand, coach Tillikainen focused on an unwavering posture for quickness. 

He said, “Since he came from abroad, he shows a lot of videos of a good player and tries to teach him as many strengths as possible.” said. In addition, he said that the practice he did most when he came to the team was toss practice for double connection.

However, compared to Receive, Dig is evaluated as a little weak. Currently, he is replacing Jeong Seong-min, who shows strength in dig. 

“I think dig is a bit more difficult than receiving,” he confessed. He continued, “Receive requires you to be in a position where you can see it, but Dig has to be extremely quick. I am constantly reinforcing this part, but sometimes my legs get cramps when I do it passionately, so it’s scary at times,” he smiled. 

Oh Eun-ryeol rolled his first ball with his foot, not his hand. When he was young, he started playing sports with a football club. One day, he went to the auditorium to announce the recruitment of ‘tall students’, and that’s when his relationship with volleyball began.

“At the time, my father said, ‘Why don’t you play soccer?’ so I said I would play volleyball, but then my father said, ‘A man must do it once and see the end,’ so I thought I would finish it in volleyball.”

Libero I asked for his own definition. He was immediately called “the loudest player”. He said, “It seems to be a position that reminds us to prepare together by shouting and clapping and telling what we know once more.” do,” he said. 

He often enjoys the women’s league as well.

In addition, he raised the thumb of respect as the same libero, saying, “Kim Hae-ran (Heungkuk Life Insurance) player is really great, isn’t he a mother first?  먹튀검증

In addition, he, who has only had two foreign coaches so far, said, “Our coach (Tillikainen) is a comfortable person who often jokes around, but the female director Abon Danza (Hungkuk Life Insurance) is extremely hot. If you learn from him once, it will be a new and good experience I think it will be,” he joked and laughed. 

Korean Air does not have long vacations. In the men’s division, he was the only one to qualify for the AVC Club Championship. Korean Air, which was placed in Group A, was tied with Australia and Indonesia. For this reason, I am preparing to leave the country soon. 

“I want to see how much skill other countries have,” he said, expressing his anticipation. 

He said, “(Kwak) Seung-seok hyung is a bit blunt, but the words he throws at him really touch me.”

“There are more times when I can’t do what I want to do, but Seung-seok hyung says, ‘You’re a good kid, so do what you want,’ and it really touched me. I want to be like him the most.”

Oh Eun-ryeol received his first free agency after the season ended the following year. The wind that “if the team catches him, I want to remain as a ‘one club man’ and bury his bones” returned without hesitation. 

Finally, to the fans who always cheer, he said, “I always feel that we can play volleyball because the fans are there.” I ask for your support and I will show you a better image.”