The most useless thing in Samsung is worrying about foreign players… I believe in 4.6 million dollars 

Director Park Jin-man, who has newly taken over the leadership of Samsung, spends a busy day planning the team’s strength. There are so many things to take care of, but I don’t worry about foreign players at all. 

At this point, I think Samsung’s most useless worry is worrying about foreign players. It is because the three foreigners, David Buchanan, Albert Suarez (above pitcher), and Jose Pirella (outfielder) are doing very well. Pirella re-signed for $1.7 million카지노사이트, Buchanan for $1.6 million, and Suarez for $1.3 million.  

Manager Park Jin-man said, “All three players have their own training routines established. Existing players have a lot to learn. In the past, it was not uncommon for foreign players to give the impression that they came to Korea to play, but our players work really hard. always believe ‘Cause you know, I’m ready I don’t always worry.” He smiled. 

Buchanan, Suarez, and Pirella all have one thing in common, having experienced the Japanese stage. Director Park Jin-man said one of his biggest strengths was his understanding of Asian culture. 

He said, “All three players have experienced Asian baseball and have some knowledge of Asian culture. That’s why I think I was able to melt into the team quickly. I have nothing more to ask for because I get along well with the players as well as excellent results.” 

Head coach Park Jin-man continued, “If foreign players and domestic players are separated, the team cannot unite as one. Our three players are doing that well, so I’m not worried.” 

After introducing the foreign player system in 1998, numerous players have passed through the domestic stage. Coach Park Jin-man picked Scott Coolba, whom he played with in Hyundai, as the most memorable foreign player. In 1998, Coolbar participated in 115 games for Hyundai, posting a batting average of 301.07 (130 hits in 410 at-bats), 26 homers, 97 RBIs and 68 runs. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “I have been with many foreign players in the meantime (the introduction of the foreign player system), but the first year player, Cool Bar, is the most memorable. It was the first time he played on the same team as a foreign player, but Coolba was a player who was really sincere and always dedicated to the team.” 

In the eyes of director Park Jin-man, Buchanan, Suarez, and Pirella are all similar to Cool Bar. He said, “So I am always grateful. It’s not easy for all three foreign players to be good at baseball and sincere. The three players, Buchanan, Suarez, and Pirella, are really the best,” he praised.