“The sound of the gym ball is better to hear than the music.” Director Park Ki-won leaves with passion

Even at the age of 1951, coach Park Ki-won, who has been burning his passion for volleyball all over the world, takes on another challenge. He was appointed as the head coach of the Thai men’s volleyball team. Coach Park, who became the first Korean player to advance to the Italian league in 1979 and coached the Iranian national team to win a silver medal in the Asian Games in 2002, was happy to accept the proposal of the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) to raise the level of men’s volleyball in Thailand. I accepted and boarded the plane to Thailand.

Q. First, if you could briefly explain your position and role in Thailand.
He is the head coach of the men’s national team. Thailand has a system in which the manager of the adult national team oversees the youth national team, so he takes on all of that role. The period is until this year, and I will continue to stay in Thailand.

Q. The system that oversees even the youth team is interesting. In what way specifically?
When I was in Thailand, I saw the U-16 team practicing. They trained by building a clubhouse like in Korea. There are two training grounds on the 4th floor, one for the U-16 men and the other for the women’s team. However, for the women’s team, the coach of the adult national team was guiding the training. When I asked the person in charge, they said that the coach of the adult national team originally did everything. 

When I asked what kind of training it was, he said that it was the process of convening the U-16 national team, practicing it for three months, and then sending it to the professional team. It is said that the budget is provided by the association. The role of the national team coach is huge. The Thai women’s national team has undergone a successful generational change this time around, and it seems that the coach’s comprehensive role has contributed to maintaining its strength. Being together from a young age helps. looked very good

Q. How did you feel when you first received an offer from AVC?
Previously, while serving as the head of the AVC Coaches Committee, he talked about volleyball in Thailand with officials. They said to me, “Women’s volleyball is at a certain level, but men’s is lacking. I want to raise the level of men’s volleyball. Please help,” he said carefully. “Okay, then let’s try it,” she agreed. She later also received International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) endorsement. There was a passion that there was still something I could do for volleyball, and that passion was stimulated.

Q. After deciding to go to Thailand, I’m curious about the reaction from people around me.
I haven’t had many conversations with my Korean acquaintances. A few friends congratulated me, and I only received a few phone calls when I was in Thailand. Still, people around me say congratulations a lot. It’s a pleasure for me to be able to save a team at this age.

Q. How is the response in Thailand?
In fact, it was difficult for them to dare to offer me the position of director. However, after I talked with AVC and said that he would direct me, I felt a lot of strength. Everyone is excited.

Q. What do you think is the most important responsibility as the head coach of the Thai men’s national team?
I think the most important thing is the overall upgrade of Asian volleyball. At the global level, the only continent below Asia is Africa. Can’t beat Europe and America. If the current trend continues, in 10 to 20 years, you will be no more than a bridesmaid on the world stage. I am very worried. I will go to Thailand and upgrade Asian volleyball somehow. Even if you don’t win a medal in the world competition, you have to show some degree of competitiveness. 

The potential for development of Asian volleyball is endless. Asian volleyball will secure more fans and make it possible to receive a lot of support. this is my little wish There is also a bit of regret that this wish had to come true in Thailand, not in Korea. It’s not like I didn’t talk about this when I was in Korea. However, in many respects it did not work. One day it will work out.

Q. What is the current level of the Thai men’s national team?
Recently, I came to see some games like the league playoffs in Thailand, and I think they are at a slightly better level than our country’s college league. First of all, in terms of physical condition, there is a part that is a little lacking in bulk compared to Korean players. Fundamentally, however, the overall lack of practice is the problem. It’s not just one or two things to do. The first thing I want to ask the players when I go to Thailand is, “Why do you think your level is lower than the women’s national team?” And I will elicit the answer of lack of practice. I’m sure that’s the biggest problem.

Q. Which position is most urgently needed to be strengthened?
Almost done. It’s hard to pick one place. The middle blockers have decent speed, but they are too short, and the outside hitters’ receive is not yet zero. (During the AVC Cup, Aposite Amontep Conan’s performance was outstanding.) I saw him play when I went to Thailand this time. He is a player with good skills. He knows how to adjust the timing of his attacks, and he has a good sense of it. He also has a passionate personality (Amontep Conan applied for the V-League men’s Asia Quarter tryout). 

However, in the long run, he is a player to be replaced. It is not enough to defeat a top Asian team by using that player as a starting apposite. Players at all positions need to be developed. There were two or three players who were tall and thin and in good shape. There were some players with sensitive fingertips. However, they are all players who need to be refined for a long time. You can’t change everything at once. You have to do it slowly. I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but while I’m there, I’ll enjoy the glory, rather than the thought of seeing the light, I’ll only guide you to the entrance of the highway where Thai volleyball will go. There is so much to do, but having so much to do feels good as a manager.

Q. I am also curious about the future schedule.
There are many international competitions this year. Starting with the SEA GAME competition, you have to go through the AVC Cup, Challenger Cup, Asian Championship, and Asian Games. It seems that I have to go to several countries. There is no great desire for sexuality. Of course, even if I say this, I want to win when I go to the game (laughs). Still, at the moment, I think that wanting grades is greed.

Q. There is a possibility that you will meet Korea as an enemy at international conventions in Asia.
No idea. As long as I am the coach of Thailand, I just have to do my best to help Thailand win. In the past, when I was in Iran as a coach, people from the Iranian Volleyball Association asked me if I was going to do the Korean match correctly. Even back then, I said that I would make Iran win somehow because I am now the Iranian coach. Even now, that thought has not changed. However, it will take some time to beat Korea (laughs). (Thailand also beat Korea in the last AVC Cup.) At that time, it was not yet a time to communicate with Thailand, and after the managerial position came out, I found a video and watched the game. That match was just lost because Korea was bad (laughs).

Q. Please say something to the fans who support you in Korea. 카지노사이트
I go to Thailand with the greed of an old man (laughs). I feel better listening to the sound of the gong at the gym than listening to music. It’s fun when I feel like I have to tell the players something. My wife also says it’s time to let go of it, but I don’t think it’s yet. I don’t know if it’s an old man’s house, but I still want to be a leader. It’s not even for money. The money received in Thailand is practically at the level of talent donation. But how happy it is to be able to donate talent at this age. My favorite is volleyball. However, in Korea, it has become difficult to find a team anywhere. I’m happy to be able to continue playing the volleyball I love. Even if I am in Thailand, I will always devote a lot of time and love to Korean volleyball.