‘The strongest ever’ Japan, the media that raises anxiety “The conspiracy of the great powers is lurking”

The Japanese media raised a ‘conspiracy theory’ saying that the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is going too far in favor of the United States.

Japanese media ‘News Post Seven’ said on the 11th, ‘The Japanese national team participating in the WBC, which opens in March, is called the strongest ever. However, it seems that the conspiracy of the great powers is swirling around them.”

The media believed that major 온라인카지노league clubs’ refusal to recruit players, early joining, and involvement in the selection of players harmed the rights of the national team. He pointed out that the venue and schedule of the games are also centered on the United States.

News Post Seven said, “The winning candidate, the United States, is preparing for the tournament smoothly. He formed the strongest team, including Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw. Aiming for the championship with an all-out war. However, in other countries, anomalies are emerging. In the Dominican Republic, 18 out of 50 prospective registrants have not been cleared to play by major league clubs.’

According to the media, the general manager of the Dominican national team complained through the local media, “Among the 18 players, there are players who are not injured.

In fact, Choi Ji-man of South Korea also wanted to join the WBC national team, but it was canceled due to the opposition of his team.

Japan wanted to call up major leaguers such as Yu Darvish (San Diego), Shohei Onati (LA Angels), and Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs) to the national training camp, but the Angels and Cubs opposed it. Darvishman participated in the national team camp.

News Post Seven also took issue with the location of the game.

The media said, ‘Originally, major league players are familiar with the American ballpark. From the quarterfinals to the semifinals and the finals, they all fight in Miami. There is no movement. If Japan advances, it is a forced march, as the quarterfinals in Tokyo end on the 16th, and the semifinals in Miami on the 19th.”

I was worried that the club would also be involved in the selection of players.

The media said, ‘The Angels’ general manager said that Ohtani was free to play in the WBC, but it is not taken at face value. There will definitely be a heavy check from the Angels during the tournament. Depending on Ohtani’s condition, the two swords may be put on standby,’ he warned.