‘Three consecutive wins’ LG beats Carrot and ranks third

LG defeated Carrot after a close battle. 

Changwon LG won 79-73 against Goyang Carrot in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular season held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 18th. With the win, he moved up to 3rd place.

1st Quarter, LG 26-19 Carrot: LG, who had the upper hand in the height battle, was the team that took the lead
first. He harassed opponents with various irregular defenses. As a result, they allowed only 5 points in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. In the offense, Hee-jae Jeong started with a 3-point shot and scored consecutively in the paint zone. LG, who won the height fight, made it 12-5. However, it was regrettable that I caught a team foul early in the day. He gave his opponent more free throws than field goals.

Even after that, LG’s momentum continued. Ahn Jung-wook conceded consecutive runs and was chased by 14-12. However, with Asem Marey’s consecutive goals, Justin Gutang’s breakthrough goal, and Jung Hee-jae’s free throw goal, he succeeded in making the score 7-0. Didric Lawson and Lee Jeong-hyun conceded points, but Marey’s free throws increased the score again. Lawson gave a 3-point shot 50 seconds before the end of the quarter, but Kim Joon-il scored just before the end of the quarter.

2nd Quarter, LG 40-47 Carrot: Jeon Seong-Hyun, who got zero points, drove 14 points
But Carrot quickly counterattacked. The first goal came relatively late. Jeon Seong-hyun scored the first point of the quarter with a free throw 1 minute 38 seconds into the quarter. There was Lawson’s mid-range scoring. After that, he made a series of steals, which led to a quick break. Carrot, who succeeded in a 10-0 run, turned around.

Lee Kwan-hee and Lee Jae-do allowed 3-pointers. However, Kim Se-chang and Kim Sang-sun responded with goals. In addition, Jeon Seong-hyun, who was quiet in the first quarter, scored 8 points in a row, starting with a mid-range score. Thanks to that, Carrot widened the score to 44-36.

LG broke the opponent’s flow with Yoon Won-sang’s goal. There, Gutang’s quick break scored. They pursued by adding even Kim Jun-il’s score. However, the end of the quarter was disappointing. 17 seconds before the end of the quarter, Jeon Seong-hyun allowed a 3-point shot. LG’s last attack also failed, and the first half ended with 42-47.

3rd Quarter, LG 58-58 Carrot: The game is back to square one
LG had a relatively disappointing 2nd quarter. But the third quarter was different. First, the defense was revived. He actively assisted the opponent’s ace scorers and interfered with the opponent’s shooting. As a result, they only gave up 2 points in the first 5 minutes. On offense, Marey scored the first point of the quarter with a second chance score. In addition, Jeong In-deok’s breakthrough score and Lee Jae-do’s consecutive goals reversed it. LG succeeded in 10-2 runs.

LG widened the score gap further. Jeong In-deok made all the free throws he got from team fouls. Afterwards, Ahn Jung-wook was allowed a 3-point shot, but Marey and Kim Jun-il scored on second chances, and Gutang added energy to the team with a dunk. 메이저사이트

However, the team that brought the atmosphere at the end of the quarter was Carrot. It has been a long time since Lee Jung-hyun’s breakthrough goal scored. Afterwards, Lee Jung-hyun made all of his free throws from U-fouls. In addition, Lawson’s second chance score came out, and the score was 58-58.

4th Quarter, LG 79-73 Carrot: Kim Joon-il, who helped the team with points and rebounds,
exchanged points at the beginning of the 4th quarter. In LG, Kim Jun-il and Gutang led the attack, and in Carrot, Lawson and Ahn Jung-wook led the attack.

The team that went out first was LG. Dante Cunningham’s free throw made it 67-65. Then, in defense, Kim Joon-il raised the atmosphere with a block shot, and even Gutang’s steal came out. Gutang’s steal led to Lee Kwan-hee’s 3-point shot. Afterwards, there was a crisis by conceding points to Ahn Jung-wook and Jeon Seong-hyun.

However, Kim Joon-il and Lee Kwan-hee’s 3-point shot opened up the score again. At the crucial moment, Kim Jun-il and Kutang’s offensive rebounds led to Cunningham’s dunk. 38 seconds before the end of the game, Kim Jun-il scored a free throw and the score was 79-71. Afterwards, Kim Se-chang scored a free throw, but LG won.