To the top of Kerze 2… China’s No. 1 changed in 52 months

China ranking in March… Li Xuanhao’s first No. 1 ranking
for 51 consecutive months, the ‘Ke Jie solo era’ ended

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) The face of China’s ranking has changed in 52 months. Ke Jie, 9th dan, who had dominated the undisputed 1st place, fell to 2nd place, and Li Xuanhao, 9th dan, rose to first place for the first time as an individual.

In the latest March ranking (published version) announced by the China Baduk Association on the 2nd, Li Xuanhao 9-dan ranked first with a ranking score of 2714.2 point온라인카지노s. It is the first place since joining in 2008.

The ranking score of 2nd place Ke Jie 9 Dan is 2709.6 points, and the difference between the 1st and 2nd place is 4.6 points. Compared to the January rankings announced just before, Li Xuan Hao raised 15.5 points, and Ke Jie only increased by 4 or 3 points, which reversed the situation. This year’s record is 6 wins and 1 loss for Li Xuanhao 9th Dan, and 8 wins and 4 losses for Ke Jie 9th Dan.

Ke Jie’s 9th Dan ranked first in the October 2015 ranking. Since then, the No. 1 position, which had been occupied for 37 consecutive months, was briefly given to Meweeting 9th in the November 2018 ranking, but after returning in the December ranking, it has maintained the top spot again for 51 consecutive months. The cumulative number of 1st place reached 88 times.

The 2782 points recorded in the December 2020 ranking are the highest ever (based on the ranking announcement). Compared to that time, 72.4 points were missing. Compared to a year ago, Li Xuanhao, 9th Dan, scored 116.2 points and climbed 15 places in the ranking.

In addition, in the top 10, Gu Zihao, 9th, rose three places to third, Ding Hao, 9th, rose one place to fourth, and Mi Yuting, 9th, rose two places to 5th. On the other hand, Yang Dingxin 9th Dan and Fan Tingyu 9th Dan fell three places to 6th and 7th respectively. 19-year-old rookie Wang Xinghao, 7th dan, corrected his personal best ranking to 19th.

The rankings of female knights are Yu Zhiying 7th (60th), Zhou Hongyu 6th (72nd), Wang Chenxing 5th (77th), Lu Minquan 6th (95th), Li He 5th (108th), Fangluo It is the same as the previous ranking in the order of 4th place (123rd place). In the overall ranking, Yu Zhiying went down two places and Zhou Hongyu went down one place. A total of 369 knights were given rankings this month.