Tottenham confirm 4-man list to replace Conte, “no Pochettino”

It was unexpected. The most mentioned person is not visible.

The British media’The Sun’ announced on the 16th (Korean time), “Tottenham has selected four candidates for the next managerial tower to succeed manager Antonio Conte. Mauricio Pochettino is not on the list.”

Conte, who has been Tottenham manager since November 2021, is certain to step down. He will be leaving the club this summer when his contract ends.

A few months ago, several leaders came to the fore as Conte’s successor. Famous former and current coaches such as Pochettino, Thomas Tuchel, Steve Cooper, Oliver Glasner, and Luis Enrique were among the candidates.

Among them, Pochettino is predicted to be the most likely to be appointed as Tottenham manager. Pochettino, who led Tottenham from 2015 to 2019, is a manager with good results except for winning. 먹튀검증

He reached the final of the UEFA Champions League and led Tottenham to the top of the Premier League during his tenure. It was also an advantage for Tottenham that it was easy to recruit because there was no current team.

Above all, Tottenham local fans preferred it. He knew the internal situation of Tottenham better than anyone else, so he had no problems adapting.

However, Tottenham drew a line on Pochettino’s return. Inside Tottenham, there were forces opposing the return of Pochettino. Reports have emerged that the return of Pochettino could lead to a fight between the leadership of the team over power.

In addition to Conte, Tuchel was also excluded from the nomination for Tottenham’s new manager. It is known that Tuchel himself does not welcome the move to Tottenham.